5+ BEST Motorcycle Phone Mounts (Reviews) in 2023 | R&R (2024)

5+ BEST Motorcycle Phone Mounts (Reviews) in 2023 | R&R (1)

It’s great being able to easily access your smartphone when you’re out on the motorcycle. Navigation, music selection, and the ability to quickly take photos are a few main reasons why a motorcycle phone mount is necessary.

Especially when it comes to navigation, using a cell phone mount for your motorcycle allows you to easily navigate without compromising your safety. You’ll also get your notifications, be able to check the time, and change music on the fly

With so many different types and brands of motorbike smartphone mounts to choose from, where do you start looking for the best one? In this post, we’ve reviewed some of the best motorcycle phone mounts available online.

This should make it easier for you to find the right phone mount for your motorcycle. We did all the research for you, so you can spend more time riding and less time browsing the net.

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments below. Otherwise, let’s jump right into it!

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The Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

Roam Universal Premium Phone Mount (Best Cheap Motorcycle Phone Mount)

5+ BEST Motorcycle Phone Mounts (Reviews) in 2023 | R&R (2)

5+ BEST Motorcycle Phone Mounts (Reviews) in 2023 | R&R (3)

The Roam Universal Premium Phone Mount is our top recommendation as the best motorcycle phone mount for most riders. This is a universal bike mount that’s compatible for all smartphones.

Thanks to the universal design, dismount is able to attach to the handlebars of most motorcycles. If not, there are motorcycle handlebar add-ons you can buy to give yourself more room in the handlebar area.

The Roam Universal Premium Phone Mount is capable of holding phones up to 3.5-inches in width. This meets the requirements for most popular smartphones, including iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy series.

When it comes to securement, there are six points on the mount. This results in a sturdy, secure fit for your phone that makes it less likely to fall off while you’re riding.

The mount also comes equipped with silicone netting that holds your phone securely in place regardless of the road condition. This silicone grip netting can be stretched up to 4x it’s size, so it moves and bends with your phone while you’re riding along.

Attaching the mount to your motorcycle handlebars is simple. The mounting mechanism is made from a durable, hard plastic material. Securing it in place is done with a screw and non-slip plastic to prevent it from sliding when it’s mounted.

Overall, we recommend the Roam Universal Premium Phone Mount as the best motorcycle phone mount for most riders. It’s durable, lightweight, affordable, and a great choice for mounting your phone.

RAM X-Grip (Best Motorcycle Phone Mount Overall)

5+ BEST Motorcycle Phone Mounts (Reviews) in 2023 | R&R (4)

5+ BEST Motorcycle Phone Mounts (Reviews) in 2023 | R&R (5)

The RAM X-Grip Mount isanother great choice if you’re looking for a durable motorcycle smartphone mount. This is our second recommendation, although it’s our top choice if budget isn’t a concern.

The RAM X-Grip is popular among riders and you’ve probably seen it at your local motorcycle retailer before. That shouldn’t be surprising once you learn that this is a durable, rugged, and well reviewed phone mount.

To hold your phone in place, the RAM X-Grip takes advantage of a spring loader. The loader contracts and expands around your phone resulting in a tight fit, even on bumpy roads.

With the ball design, it’s easy to change the position of your smartphone wherever you want it. Once locked into place, the ball doesn’t move and keeps your phone steady and sturdy for ideal viewing.

The adjustable loader can be used for securing a wide range of different phones. Due to the adjustability, it can even be used for motorcycle GPS units or MP3 players.

The mount itself is durable and perfectly suited for motorcycle rides. It’s made from a powder coated, marine grade aluminum with high strength, stainless steel components for extra reliability.

Installation is simple with a U-bolt base that can accommodate handlebars up to 1.25-inches in diameter. There’s even a nifty rubber holder that holds the mount in place and reduces vibrations.

Overall, the RAM X-Grip Motorcycle Phone Mount is another one of our top recommendations as the best smartphone mount for motorcycles. If you’re not on a tight budget, and you’re looking for something durable, we would recommend this as the top choice.

Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

5+ BEST Motorcycle Phone Mounts (Reviews) in 2023 | R&R (6)

5+ BEST Motorcycle Phone Mounts (Reviews) in 2023 | R&R (7)

The Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount is another popular choice as the best motorcycle phone mount for most riders. If you don’t mind using a new, dedicated case for your phone, this is one of the most versatile mounts you could use for your motorbike.

This is a mount that’s designed specifically to be secure and versatile for motorcycle riders. It comes with multiple mounting configurations and fits bars ranging from ⅞-inches up to 1 ¼-inches in diameter.

Helping to keep your phone securely in place is a patented, dual stage locking system. Rather than just holding your phone in place, the Quad Lock actually locks the phone case to the mount.

This keeps your phone secure, even when you’re riding on rough terrain. The main drawback with this setup is that you need to buy a Quad Lock case or universal adapter, which aren’t included with the mount.

Thanks to the hard plastic design, the mount is lightweight yet durable and sturdy. The mounting bolts and other hardware are made from aluminum for durability and stability.

Overall, if you’re looking for a motorcycle handlebar mount that’s sturdy and easy to use, it’s the Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount that we would recommend. This is quickly becoming a popular mount and it’s a great choice for being able to use your phone while riding.

Tackform Metal Motorcycle Mount

5+ BEST Motorcycle Phone Mounts (Reviews) in 2023 | R&R (8)

5+ BEST Motorcycle Phone Mounts (Reviews) in 2023 | R&R (9)

The Tackform Metal Motorcycle Mount is our recommendation if you’re looking for something lightweight, simple, and reliable. This is a sturdy smartphone mounting option that doesn’t come with any unnecessary bells or whistles.

Made from machined aluminum, the Tackform Metal Motorcycle Mount can be counted on for durability. To help keep your phone in place, this setup takes advantage of a high-strength industrial spring that provides a fail-proof grip on your phone.

Thanks to the simple design, it’s easy to install this mount on motorcycle handlebars up to 1.25-inches in diameter. Different bushings are included so it can fit on smaller handlebars as well.

As for holding your phone, this setup is capable of mounting phones up to 3.25-inches in width. This covers most standard smartphones currently available.

When it comes to viewing angle, the Tackform Metal Motorcycle Mount implements an aluminum ball and socket joint. This makes it easy to change the viewing angle or quickly remove your phone with just one hand.

Overall, the Tackform Metal Motorcycle Mount is sturdy, reliable, and a great choice for most riders. This is what we recommend if you’re looking for something lightweight, minimal, and easy-to-use.

Ailun Motorcycle Phone Holder

5+ BEST Motorcycle Phone Mounts (Reviews) in 2023 | R&R (10)

5+ BEST Motorcycle Phone Mounts (Reviews) in 2023 | R&R (11)

Our next recommendation is the Ailun Motorcycle Phone Holder. This is a universal, lightweight motorcycle phone mount designed to hold phones between 4-inches and 6-inches.

If you’re looking for something affordable and reliable, it’s hard to go wrong with the Ailun Motorcycle Phone Holder. The mount is made from a strong silicone that easily loops around your motorcycle handlebars.

Adjusting the mount is simple thanks to the eight different adjustment loops. This provides your phone with a secure mounting position that’s easily adjustable for a perfect viewing angle.

Silicon is a great choice for motorbike mounts. It’s strong, lightweight, durable, and washable. Thanks to the universal design, this mount can be used on a wide range of different motorcycles.

If you’re looking for a simple, lightweight, and no-frills phone holder for your bike, it’s the Ailun Motorcycle Phone Holder that we would recommend. This model provides an affordable and easy way to mount your smartphone to your motorcycle.

TaoTronics Phone Mount Holder

5+ BEST Motorcycle Phone Mounts (Reviews) in 2023 | R&R (12)

5+ BEST Motorcycle Phone Mounts (Reviews) in 2023 | R&R (13)

The TaoTronics Phone Mount Holder is a feature-rich motorcycle smartphone mount. This model is great for phones ranging in size from 3.5-inches up to 5.5-inches.

While the TaoTronics Phone Mount Holder is designed for bicycles, there’s no reason why it can’t work for your motorcycle. It comes with a handlebar clamp that can be used on handlebars up to 1.5-inches in diameter.

The reason we like this mount is because it comes with multiple protections. There are a number of different ways it keeps your smartphone secure while it’s attached.

It’s equipped with a non-slip rubber grip that prevents your phone from sliding while it’s mounted. There are clamps that securely lock your phone in place. Finally, a silicone band fastens around your phone and keeps it in place during bumpy terrain.

It takes just moments to install this mount on your motorcycle. For easily removing your phone, there is a one-click release button to unlock your phone from the mount in a matter of seconds.

With a hard plastic, lightweight design, this mount is surprisingly durable. Many riders will find it to be a great choice for mostly on-road and smooth riding conditions.

Overall, if you’re looking for an easy way to secure your phone to your motorcycle handlebars, it’s the TaoTronics Phone Mount Holder that we would recommend. This model comes with ample securement and protective features that make it a great choice.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts Buyer’s Guide

5+ BEST Motorcycle Phone Mounts (Reviews) in 2023 | R&R (14)

There’s no point in leaving your smartphone behind whenever you’re riding your motorcycle. Bringing it along means you can listen to music, easily navigate, and take those important phone calls.

These are all great reasons to be able to easily access your phone while you’re riding. With a durable motorcycle phone mount, all of this is possible without having to take your eyes off the road.

The problem with finding the right motorcycle cell phone mount is that there are so many options available. It’s hard to tell which ones are the best for your riding style and preferences.

We put together this helpful buyer’s guide to make it easier for you to find the right motorcycle phone mount. Check it out if you’re having trouble deciding on a specific model or you’re not sure what you need.

Durable and Well-Built

When you’re looking at different phone mounts, only look at models that are well-built. These are the ones designed using strong, durable materials such as hard plastic or metal.

High quality materials will hold up under the different conditions and elements you’re constantly exposed to on a motorcycle. This includes wind, high speeds, rain, and high temperatures from direct sunlight.

Like I mentioned, it’s a good idea to go with aluminum, lightweight steel, hard plastic, or any alloy. These are durable materials that can be relied on.

Additionally, look for straps made from silicone or strengthened rubber. These materials are better suited to the elements and conditions of motorcycle riding.

Compatible With Your Handlebars

Another important consideration is the compatibility of any smartphone mount with your motorcycle handlebars. Before buying one, either measure or look up the diameter of your handlebars.

Double check that any of the mounts you’re interested in will fit on the handlebars of your bike. It’s also possible to pick up an adjustable phone mount, although these are not as sturdy.

Absorbs Shocks and Vibrations

Wherever you’re riding your phone is going to be getting bumps around. This means that any phone mount you use needs to absorb shocks and vibrations without falling apart.

It also needs to hold your phone securely in place without compromising your viewing angle. Any mounts with straps help to make this a better possibility.

Rubber mounts are the best for bumpy roads and harsh conditions. Other mounts, such as the hard plastic ones we recommend, are better suited for normal riding conditions and motorcycle commuting.

Installation Design

Each mount comes with a different type of mounting set up that attaches the mount to your motorcycle. Look for grips that provide a secure attachments regardless of the road conditions.

Whether you’re using a clamp or a grip, double check the fit before heading out onto the road. If it’s loose or rattling, adjust the fit and try again.

Clamps are easier to install and typically provide a better fit. Alternatively, U-bolts aren’t too difficult to install either and are perfectly suited for a wide range of riding conditions.

Compatible With Your Smartphone

There’s no point in buying a smartphone mount if it’s not compatible with the smartphone you’re using. Double check the dimensions online to make sure that your phone will fit.

These days, most mounts are universal and can be adjusted depending on the width of your smartphone. It’s still a good idea to check the dimensions online just to make sure your phone will fit.


As a motorcyclist, it’s almost impossible to avoid getting stuck in the rain. Any mount that you use on your bike needs to be waterproof.

Having the waterproof feature means you don’t need to worry about rusting or damage during rainy weather. You can also count on the mount continuing to securely hold your phone even when it gets wet.

Motorcycle Phone Mount With Charger

We didn’t recommend any here, but it’s possible to find a motorcycle phone mount with built-in charger. These are great for motorcycle touring or longer rides, where you’re worried about your smartphone battery.

With modern phones, this isn’t really a big deal. It’s even less of an issue since many riders can connect their phones to a motorcycle USB mount.

Motorcycle USB chargers make it easy to keep your devices charged while you’re riding. They also provide an easier alternative to finding a mount with a built-in charger.

Motorcycle Smartphone Mount FAQ

How Do You Install a Mount On Your Motorcycle?

The answer to this question depends on the brand and model that you purchased. Each model comes with their own specific instructions regarding the installation process of a mount.

Before installing, read carefully through the installation manual for accurate directions. Depending on the model, some might use a screw thread while others might use a spring.

If you don’t feel confident, or if you experience any issues, consider bringing your motorcycle to your local motorcycle shop for the installation. They should be able to help you with the entire process for a reasonable price.

How Do You Keep Your Phone From Falling Off?

Always double-check that your phone is securely mounted before you take off. Give it a quick shake and ensure that everything is properly connected.

If it’s loose or rattling, readjust the mount. If you’re not able to get everything secure, remove your phone and don’t ride until you’re able to fix the problem.

Leaving home without your phone properly secured can lead to problems further down the road. You wouldn’t want your phone to fly off while you’re riding.

How Do You Choose a Location For the Mount?

Choose a location that’s easy to access and doesn’t obstruct your view. After installation, move your handlebars back and forth to check if the mount is rubbing against or bumping into anything.

A location on the left hand side of your handlebars is ideal. Your right hand will always need to be on the throttle, which leaves your left hand free for using your smartphone.

Never use your smartphone while you’re riding, except to change the song or glance at directions. Texting, or doing anything else on your phone, can distract you from the road ahead and lead to a motorcycle crash or accident.

5+ BEST Motorcycle Phone Mounts (Reviews) in 2023 | R&R (2024)
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