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Does armor matter in Conan Exiles?

As in every survival game, armor is of course important and essential in Conan Exiles, but besides the armor values, the various stats and benefits that the respective armor gives you are especially relevant. Besides the damage reduction, the most important benefits are: resistance to cold and heat, additional stamina, health points or more attack damage of the weapons.

In addition to the weight and resistance to cold or heat, the respective Conan Exiles armor has other properties such as the base armor value, which indicates how strong the armor is in general and without additional items, and various bonuses such as abilities, resistances and buffs, which are the characteristics of some armors.

Which armors exist and where do I get them?

In Conan Exiles, armor is categorized into three levels: light, medium and heavy armor. As the levels suggest, light armor is comfortable to wear, but of course it does not offer a great protection against attacks. If you wear heavy armor, you will be well protected against physical damage, but you will be unable to dodge properly due to its weight - this is of course a disadvantage when fighting a dynamic opponent.

First armor - preparation and creation

Of course, you should be able to protect yourself well from your enemies right from the start, but not every "starter armor" is suited to actually craft it, as the qualities are not in relation to the effort required to craft it.

It would be more important to craft a first weapon and additionally a skinning knife and hunt for animals to get the hides from them, with which you then go to the already established tannery. There you will process the hides into leather and then turn this into a first light armor at the armorer's bench - in the course of the game you can also use your own thralls to improve the tannery and armorer's bench and shorten the process of both crafts.

After you have dealt with the armorer's bench and learned the skill, you will surely be aware that the recipes for higher-ranking armor will become more and more challenging. However, be aware that heavy armor does not mean the best armor.

Conan Exiles Armor: Guide and which one suits best? | GPORTAL (1)

Which Conan Exiles armor suits me best?

As mentioned above, there is light, medium and heavy armor, which of them suits your character in Conan Exiles best, you can check here:

  • Light armor: suitable for rather mobile and agile players who want to attack from a distance or work magic on their enemies - you may not be perfectly protected, but you will enjoy good mobility
  • Medium armor: is a good combination of strength and movement - you profit from the armor value and can still weave out of attacks fairly well
  • Heavy armor: the heavy armor is mainly suitable for characters with a focus on strength - if you play with melee weapons or use shields, this will be the best choice for you

Hint: if you want to increase your armor value and especially your stamina without clothes and items, the attribute called Grit is suitable for you and you should invest decent points in it.

So which armor is the best?

Of course, this question cannot be answered in a general way and you will find many answers to this question on the Internet, but we will try to give you the best possible overview of the most effective armors in Conan Exiles.

A light armor with good stats is the Khari Raider armor, as it deals an additional 15% damage to agility-based weapons and increases your carrying capacity by 45%, all without limiting your movements.

The best medium armor might be the Silent Legion armor, especially if you are going for agility. This armor gives you an extra of 40 health and 10 stamina, and gives you 30% more carrying capacity and 6% more weapon damage - the 500+ armor points are nothing to be scoffed at either.

If you are looking for a good heavy armor for your strength-based character, you should keep an eye on the Voidforged Dragon armor. Besides the impressive additional 80 health points, it also gives you 10 stamina points, which is of course always good with heavy armor - as a little highlight, it also gives 6% damage on strength-based weapons and, of course, it has a tremendously high armor value.

Legendary Armor Sets

Besides the "standard armor sets" in Conan Exiles, there are additionally several legendary armor sets that bring some and especially very useful features with them - among them are:

  • Armor of the Arena Champion: this armor set is one of the legendary armor sets from Conan Exiles. It offers over 1000 armor points, increased stamina, and adds more damage to strength-based weapons - another plus: resistance to cold and heat. In order to craft this armor, you must first obtain the appropriate knowledge - this can be found in Warmaker's Sanctuary
  • Godbreaker and Chilled Godbreaker Armor: if your character is built for strength, you will not be able to avoid this set. It combines various bonuses to your stamina, carrying capacity, and again gives your weapons more damage - also important to mention are the 1200+ armor points this set comes with. The highlight is that the normal Godbreaker armor offers resistance to cold, and the chilled version gives you very good resistance against heat. To craft the armor, you will need magical items as well as the appropriate knowledge from the Warmaker's Sanctuary
  • Pride of Aesir Armor: can be used as an all-rounder and is a good mixture of everything you need in the barbarian world of Conan Exiles. This armor set does not give you an extremely high armor value, but it does give you some bonus points towards stamina, carrying capacity, health and more damage for strength-based weapons - and let's face it, how good does this armor look? Also for this armor you will need not only high quality resources, but also the Pride of Aesir Knowledge - you can obtain it by trading with Thorgar the Blacksmith

More Conan Exiles armor advices

  • You can also visually customize some of the armor by dyeing it or learning the base of sorcery, and can then use the thaumaturgy table to create the illusion that your heavy armor looks like light beginner armor - you can use this for your benefit against enemies
  • In the later game, when your character is mostly leveled up, you can add more attributes and buffs only through your armor
  • Above 500 armor points, the value no longer increases linearly, which means that if you wear armor that gives you up to 500 points of armor, you can also block 50% of the damage inflicted. However, if your armor is 1500 points, for example, you will be able to withstand 75% of the damage inflicted - but to be honest, after that point it becomes a bit tedious to get even more armor points
  • If you want to increase your carrying capacity a lot, the usual heavy armor is a good choice. It does not have the strongest armor value, but it adds 75% more carrying capacity, which also helps your stamina - handy as long as you do not have a mount to move around

Your own GPORTAL Conan Exiles Server

We hope that we could give you some help with our Conan Exiles armor guide and are also available with performant game servers, if you decided to dive into the barbarian world of Conan Exiles yourself.

Conan Exiles Armor: Guide and which one suits best? | GPORTAL (2024)
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