Fiery Sweet Potatoes Recipe (2024)

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I am making this but in a different presentation. Cut the sweet potatoes in 1/4 thick half moon slices. Dice up shallots and saute in oil until soft and slightly caramelized. Add the sweet potatoes and cook about 10 minutes until starting to brown. Add curry paste and coconut milk. The sweetness from the shallots eliminates the need to add sugar and using the oil instead of butter keeps it vegan friendly for guests with those preferences.


Different people have different sensitivities to hotness and spiciness (not the same). Also, curry pastes differ dramatically in heat especially between those manufactured for the US market vs. imported. I recommend adding heat it in like salt--bit by bit to taste. You can always add but not take away. The foodies are more assimilated to using recipes as guideline rather than prescription. It does not give license to be snotty or condescending. Give credit for trying the new.


This has become my go-to sweet potato recipe for Thanksgiving; perfect for those who think traditional sweet potato casseroles are far too syrupy-sweet. My only suggestion would be to add more curry paste if you want something that kicks back.

Vinita & Mansha

My cousin and I made this for our family Thanksgiving celebration where the menu has been the same for 25 years. We convinced my mom not to make a back-up dish, adding to the pressure! Fortunately, we were successful -- it was loved by all and will be back next year! However, we made major modifications to make it Indian-palate friendly: 8 oz curry paste (2 for topping), fresh ginger (per the suggestion of another reviewer), and a lot of cayenne and crushed red pepper (to taste).


Delicious. Doubled the amount of chili paste as the stated amount was not spicy enough. Definitely will make again (and again). Served with Cumin Crusted Pork Chops and sauteed Rainbow Chard with garlic and soy sauce.


I made this a few years ago for Thanksgiving and brought it to the family celebration. My dad devoured it and raved for weeks and weeks. One shall-be-unnamed family member fumed about the raves. I still have fond memories of making the best dish that year.

It was delicious.


This is so popular with my extended family that I'm asked to make it every year for our Thanksgiving gathering. I make the potato puree ahead, but the wonderfully sweet, crunchy topping has to be broiled right before serving. So I pack up the last three ingredients, take them with me, and fight for a little last-minute oven time. Much easier to make for a weeknight dinner!

Mary Lou

This is my go-to for Thanksgiving. Been making it for a couple of years now. Never developed a taste for sweet potatoes until I started eating them with savory seasonings.
The very thought of sweet anything on sweet potatoes (brown sugar, marshmallows) makes me a little sick! So glad I found this recipe!


This was the hit side dish for Thanksgiving. We doubled the Thai red curry paste for 3 pounds of sweet potatoes and it was not really spicy and it gave a nice chili favor. I don't eat turkey so this dish became my main.


I'm going to try this but add natural peanut butter--probably about 1/3 to 1/2 cup-- (eliminating the added butter and decreasing the mixed in sugar)...sounds strange but the flavors work--I make a thai-inspired spicy pumpkin peanut soup with coconut milk and and thai curry paste, so I'm thinking this is a great way to use up the tons of sweet potatoes that my CSA has delivered! I like the idea of the broiled crisp top.


Wow. I am not a fan of sweet potatoes and not a fan of sweet vegetable side dishes generally. This dish hit it out of the park. I made it following the recipe. My only modification was to cut up the sweet potatoes to roast them which cut down the cooking time. I used Thai Kitchen brand curry paste. They were not spicy by any means but so so flavourful. No risk of duplicating any of the other typical thanksgiving flavours! This dish will definitely become a holiday classic at our house.

Linda C

I added some sautéed red onion and fresh ginger -- also cut back on the amount of sugar and butter -- the yams I used were so sweet anyway. It wasn't particularly spicy so I sprinkled in some cayenne and pepper. More curry paste was needed as well.


Love this combo with some minor tweaks, and bring it every year to the company pot-luck Thanksgiving feast. Scaled up, 1 can of coconut milk works for 8 lb of sweet potatoes, I also add an entire 4-oz can of Maesri red curry paste (2-3 times the recipe's ratio). I reduce the sugar/butter by half and don't bother with the crunchy top, as it would only lose its crunch reheating on the steam table. And leftovers, thinned down with some stock, make a great soup.


Delicious, although I wanted mine spicy so added 3 T of red curry paste and sriracha and chili/garlic sauce to taste. Very intriguing and a nice change from traditional marshmallow style sweet potatoes.


This was a Thanksgiving winner. Everyone at the party loved them, and I enjoyed being able to combine a traditional American food with the Southeast Asian flavors my daughter grew up with.


All from others-entire 4-oz can of Maesri red curry pasteCut the sweet potatoes in 1/4 thick half moon slices. Dice up shallots and saute in oil until soft and slightly caramelized. Add the sweet potatoes and cook about 10 minutes until starting to brown. Add curry paste and coconut milk. shallots eliminates the need to add sugar and using the cocunut oil instead of butter keeps it vegan 8 oz curry paste (2 for topping), fresh ginger greeen thai chili paste or lots of cayenne and red pepper.

Ho Chi Mane

I added a full 4 oz of Thai Red Curry and a teaspoon of Cayenne. Helped kick it up a notch.


I made two mistakes. First, I used sweet potatoes instead of yams. I've never cooked sweet potatoes before, and prefer the texture and look of yams. Second, I used a brand of curry paste I haven't used before and doubled it per many recommendations here, but should have followed the other recommendations to try it before adding more. I'll try again sometime after those learnings.


Does everyone use yams for this instead of Sweet Potatoes? Even the picture on the recipe is yams.

Whole 30 approved. No sugar. More heat please.

Did 3 tbs of red curry paste, added cayenne, cumin and Himalayan salt. Only used 1/2 the coconut milk. No sugar. Absolutely delicious and savory.


Made this many times and it is great. But I wonder if anyone made it with Rose Harissa instead of red curry paste?


Delicious and made several times. I was wondering what it would be like to use Rose harissa instead of curry paste…anyone?


An annual Thanksgiving dish. Easy, tasty, and a breeze to assemble.


can you use the white sweet potatoes for the fiery sweet potato recipe

Linda C

Have made this many times and agree that fresh ginger adds zing. I also sautéed shallots in the butter before adding it to mixture. Way too much sugar in this recipe..cut it by half and it’s still almost too sweet. Double the curry paste to pump up Thai flavor. It’s a winner.

Loved it!

Only slightly spicy, to someone who loves spice. The condensed coconut milk, along with the Thai red curry paste, really make this unique. Everyone loved it, even my picky teens! It's going to become an annual favorite that repeats through the years!


Love I but definitely need more spice than in recipe


I used 1 T of the Thai red curry paste but to increase heat I added about 2 T of the sauce from a small can of chipotle chilies. That did it, and flavor works well with the coconut milk. I find this sweet enough, will skip the butter& brown sugar topping.

Nashville cook

I'd like to point out you should check your Thai red curry paste ingredients before you start. Several brands from Thailand include shrimp paste.

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Fiery Sweet Potatoes Recipe (2024)
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