How to Use Proxyium Free Web Proxy (2024)

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In our daily lives, the term “proxy” refers to a person who is authorized to act on your behalf, such as voting in a meeting that you cannot attend. A proxy server plays a similar role, but online. Among them, is an web proxy online that is available to everyone without any cost. In this article, we will explore what is it and its advantages, how to use it, its limitations, and its better alternative.

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1 What Does a Proxy Do?

2 What is Proxyium Free Web Proxy

4 Use Cases of Proxyium Free Web Proxy

5 How to Use Proxyium for PC

6 How to Use Proxyium for Android

7 Limitations of Using Proxyium

8 OkeyProxy – a Better Alternative

9 Conclusion

What Does a Proxy Do?

The proxy server acts as a bridge between you and the Internet. Typically, when browsing the internet using a browser, you connect directly to the website you are visiting. When utilizing a proxy, your browser initially connects to the proxy server, which subsequently forwards your traffic to the website you want to access. In turn, the proxy also receives the website’s response and sends it back to you.

By masking their IP addresses, proxies allow you to bypass internet restrictions without revealing personal information. Moreover, a proxy establishes a secure connection, safeguarding user data and ensuring a safe online environment. When you want to access geo-restricted content, protect your online privacy, or enhance your internet security, a proxy is useful.

What is Proxyium Free Web Proxy

Proxyium is aweb proxy, that provides free anonymous web unblocking services. When using it, you don’t need to install any software. By visiting its website and entering the desired URL, Proxyium will redirect your traffic through its proxy server and retrieve responses from the target website server. This process conceals your computer’s actual IP address, enabling anonymous web browsing and access to sites that are blocked due to geo-restrictions.

Key Features of Proxyium Free Web Proxy

A. Free and easily accessible: This web proxy is free to use. For users who just want to unlock specific websites such as YouTube, Twitter, etc., it offers a convenient and cost-effective solution. Just go to its website and enter the URL, and you can access the desired website quickly.

B. No installation or configuration required: the whole browsing process takes place on their website, you do not need to download or install any extensions or software. This simplifies the process for users who have basic requirements.

C. Customizable country selection: This proxy service allows users to choose from four countries. Despite limited, many other free web proxies do not offer the options.

D.Supports all OS: The service can be used across all operating systems. It also supports most web standards, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of websites. By adhering to web standards, it can provide users with a seamless browsing experience while maintaining the practices and technical aspects of web pages.

Use Cases of Proxyium Free Web Proxy

1. For Casual Users: You can use it to access geo-restricted content and websites for entertainment or information. Your personal information can be protected without leaving a digital footprint while browsing.

2. For Students and Employees: By using it, you can unblock network restrictions at your educational institutions or workplaces. When you need to access blocked websites and content for research or information, it is a quick way.

3. For Business Professionals: you can use it to bypass regional restrictions for market research or competitor analysis.

4. For those who want to unblock YouTube:YouTube only displays content based on your region due to location-detecting algorithms. By utilizing this service, you can access content from any part of the globe, breaking through these regional restrictions.

How to Use Proxyium for PC

1. Accessing its official website at There are ads on the page, ignore them, and focus on the purple section, where you can select a country and enter a URL to start browsing.

2. Selecting proxy server location. You will find options such as Poland, the United States, Singapore, and Germany. Notice the speed provided next to each country, as some locations may offer very slow speeds. It is advisable to choose a location near your geographical area,this may help you get a faster speed.

How to Use Proxyium Free Web Proxy (1)

3. Enter the desired website URL in the provided field, then click on the “Go” button to get the result.

How to Use Proxyium Free Web Proxy (2)

4. Navigating the web anonymously through Proxyium.

How to Use Proxyium Free Web Proxy (3)

Now you successfully unblock the website, you can browse anonymously and access the restricted content with ease.

How to Use Proxyium for Android

Proxyium can also be used on mobile devices running the Android operating system. To use the proxy on Android, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Google Play Store on your mobile device and search for “Proxyium browser” to download the app. Once the installation is complete, tap on the app icon to launch it.

How to Use Proxyium Free Web Proxy (4)

2. Enter the website URL and navigate through the web. All your requests will be routed through the proxy server, providing you with the benefits of anonymity, privacy, or bypassing restrictions, just like on its online web proxy.

Limitations of Using Proxyium

A. Limited proxy server locations: It offers only a few countries for users to choose from. With the exclusion of countries marked with slow speeds, you have minimal opportunities to select your desired server locations.

B. Potential impact on browsing speed: Not all websites are accessible, and you may encounter errors or interruptions during browsing. As a free service, it does not hold responsibility for any loss that may occur.

C. Security risks: By connecting to their server, the target server does not see your IP address. However, this does not mean their service is fully anonymous. Downloaded resources may reference other sources that your browser could automatically download, potentially bypassing Proxyium’s rerouting attempts.

E. Usage restrictions: According to the policies of their website, the service can’t be used for web scraping. And if you use it to transfer large files, it may interrupt automatically. Additionally, the service may be blocked by some websites.

OkeyProxy – a Better Alternative

If you need a more professional and high-quality proxy service, it is recommended that you choose OkeyProxy. As one of the top 5 SOCKS5 proxy services, it holds 150M+ real residential IPs and supports IP selection from over 200 countries. Furthermore, its speed and stability surpass those of free web proxies. Whether you need to scrape web pages, conduct SEO research, engage in e-commerce, manage social media accounts, or any other purpose, it can perfectly meet your requirements. Additionally, there is a 24-hour professional customer service team available to address any issues you encounter during use.

A. Over 150 million real residential IPs available, spanning across 200+ countries
B. City and ISP targeting supported
C. IP extraction through API functionality
D. Compatible with all devices: Windows, iOS, Android, Linux
E. Suitable for various use cases such as Antidetect Browser, Emulator, Scraper, and more

OkeyProxy is now providing a complimentary proxy trial, allowing new users to experience our premium proxy service with 1 GB of proxy at no cost and no conditions. This trial enables you to assess the speed and functionality of our service firsthand. Take advantage of our free proxy trial today:


In conclusion, proxies are powerful tools, and among the various types available, Proxyium stands out for its array of features and benefits, making it an excellent option for newcomers looking to explore the world of proxies. While it is ideal for basic web browsing requirements, users in search of a more advanced and comprehensive proxy solution may find OkeyProxy worth exploring.

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How to Use Proxyium Free Web Proxy (2024)
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