Testers Wanted: The Stack System (2024)

Testers Wanted: The Stack System (1)
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  • Aug 26th 2023
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Testers Wanted: The Stack System (2)

Testers Wanted: The Stack System

Just about every golfer is chasing extra distance. Aside from purchasing new “improved” equipment, many of us are turning to swing speed training to achieve extra yardage and that includes touring pros and amateurs.

“I’ll be honest. It worked wonders.”

That’s a quote from 2022 U.S. Open champion Matt Fitzpatrick about the Stack System. MyGolfSpy staffers Chris Nickel and Tony Covey are also long-time users and can attest to the “wonders” Fitzpatrick mentioned. Tour-level training at your fingertips.

Testers Wanted: The Stack System (3)

There are many different swing speed training systems so what is special about the Stack System?

The Stack System was designed by Sasho MacKenzie, who holds a Ph.D. in sports biomechanics, and Marty Jertson, a golf pro who is PING’s VP of fitting and performance. They say their system “allows Sasho to share his research findings and training wisdom directly with you, using the same tools, techniques and nuances that he uses to speed train Tour players he has consulted.”

Bottom line: It’s a comprehensive swing training program that incorporates speed, accuracy and your personal biomechanics in an easy-to-use way. Another way of thinking about the Stack System: “Tour-level training at your fingertips.”

MyGolfSpy is intrigued by the high praise and success stories so we are looking for six golfers to test, review, keep and share their experience using the Stack System over a three-month period. We want to know if you find the same gains many others have found and tell us what the Stack System can really do.

If selected, you will receive the full Stack System as well as a PRGR launch monitor to record your progress.

Are you up for the challenge?


*This testing opportunity is open to golfers in Canada and the U.S. Testers must use IOS (Apple) devices for this testing opportunity.

*Applications close Aug. 30 and selected testers will be announced Sept. 5.

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Testers Wanted: The Stack System (12)

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Testers Wanted: The Stack System (13)

MyGolfSpy Forum

MyGolfSpy Forum

Testers Wanted: The Stack System (14)

MyGolfSpy Forum

MyGolfSpy Forum


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      Physics Teacher

      3 months ago

      I am a high school golf coach who is always on the lookout for things that can help my kids improve. I would be happy to try it out, and am hoping it would be something that will be useful next season.



      3 months ago

      Seems like a great training aid


      Gary D McDonald

      3 months ago

      I’m losing distance as I’m getting older. Would love to try this & take the results to the course



      3 months ago

      This is the most excites I’ve been for a test. Hope I win.


      Russell Stevens

      3 months ago

      Sly Panther here, I would jump at the opportunity to gain club head speed.
      Just east of Seattle WA, Index is 12.? all 8 scores used to make that handicap are 8+ years old.
      It usually stays warm from the middle of September to the middle October, but now with all the air currents, ocean currents, modified ocean tempertures, I have to start watching for what changes we get.


      Max Johnson

      3 months ago

      Signed up. Really hoping I win. I got fit for a driver today (first time for that – the only thing I haven’t been fit for at this point are wedges) – and apparently my SS is down 7-9 mph from the last time I clocked it. Not sure if that is from vagaries in software (Trackman vs Foresight), or if maybe the Foresight in the Big Box store is “juiced” a bit to make people think they’re doing better than they are, or if its simply middle age catching up to me – but I have to say I found this news to be VERY disconcerting.

      I’ve been doing a lot of work on “me” this year – started with a stretching reginment last winter using the Fit for Golf app – and have since added in walking the dog a mile or two a day and am down about 20 pounds and feel better lately than I have in years. To see my swing speed is down that far…I was super disappointed.

      So I was looking at the Stack online when I got home after my fitting. Then I came to MGS to see if there was any info on the Stack, or and of the other overspeed trainers (I recall an article from a few years back about Superspeed iirc) and lo and behold – MGS is looking for testers. Maybe its kismet. Who knows?

      At any rate – even with winter coming back in a few months – I have ample room indoors to continue a Superspeed regimen, and sure hope Im lucky enough to get chosen. If not – good luck to the testers – I’ll be interested to see the results for sure


      Tim Gath

      3 months ago

      Increasing speed does don’t always lead to greater distance. If you don’t have the the same contact, you are just hitting it further in the woods.


      Mark Sarookanian

      3 months ago

      Let’s go! Would love to try it.


      Max R

      4 months ago

      I’ve been using The Stack for over two years and have had remarkable improvements in my swing speed. I’m 70 and 128 lbs (soaking wet) and have been able to maintain a driver speed at 92 mph. Occasionally, 95 or 96 (Max Speed training sessions) but essentially very pleased with keeping me as youthful and athletic. The key is the AI software. There are competitors but the App is the big separator. I’m also thinking that if a user used the Blast device with The Stack, there’s another tool to improve both at the same.


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    As a golf enthusiast and someone deeply immersed in the world of golf technology and training, I can attest to the significance of swing speed in the pursuit of better performance on the golf course. The article in question introduces an intriguing product called the Stack System, a swing speed training system that claims to offer comprehensive training designed by Sasho MacKenzie, a Ph.D. holder in sports biomechanics, and Marty Jertson, PING’s VP of fitting and performance.

    The Stack System is portrayed as a program that not only promises increased swing speed but also emphasizes accuracy and considers an individual's biomechanics. The Stack System's unique selling proposition lies in its connection to tour-level training, allowing users to benefit from the same tools, techniques, and nuances employed by professionals.

    One compelling aspect is the endorsement from 2022 U.S. Open champion Matt Fitzpatrick, who credits the Stack System with working wonders for his game. Additionally, the article highlights MyGolfSpy staffers Chris Nickel and Tony Covey as long-time users attesting to the system's efficacy.

    The credibility of the Stack System is further bolstered by the background of its creators, particularly Sasho MacKenzie's Ph.D. in sports biomechanics. The system is positioned as a comprehensive training program, making it stand out in a market saturated with various swing speed training systems.

    The article also extends an opportunity for readers to become testers for the Stack System, providing them with the full system and a PRGR launch monitor to record their progress over a three-month period. This not only adds a practical dimension to the article but also involves the readership in the evaluation of the product's effectiveness.

    In the MyGolfSpy Forum comments section, we observe a mix of enthusiasm and curiosity from potential users who express interest in trying out the Stack System. The comments reveal a diverse range of golfers, from high school coaches seeking tools to help their students improve to individuals looking to regain lost distance as they age. The comments provide a real-world perspective on the potential impact of the Stack System on various golfers' needs and goals.

    In conclusion, the Stack System, backed by endorsements from professional golfers and MyGolfSpy staff, combined with the expertise of its creators, presents a compelling case as a swing speed training system. The inclusion of real-world testimonials and the opportunity for reader participation in the testing process further adds to the article's credibility and engages the golfing community in the discussion around swing speed training.

    Testers Wanted: The Stack System (2024)
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