The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (2024)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (1)

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• updatedOct 21, 2023

Many of us are foodies on the Wanderlog team, so naturally we’re always on the hunt to eat at the most popular spots anytime we travel somewhere new. With favorites like Moorea Beach Cafe by Bruno Jamais, Fare La Canadienne Burger House Moorea, and Rudy's and more, get ready to experience the best flavors around Papetoai.

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The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (2)

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1Moorea Beach Cafe by Bruno Jamais

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Japanese restaurant

Moorea Beach Cafe is an amazing restaurant on the lagoon with stunning views of the ocean and sunsets that you will not want to miss. The pizza here is some of the best on the island, and their goat cheese and tahitian honey pizza was delicious. They have a great view of the lagoon from their patio, which makes it one of my favorite restaurants on Moorea.

This is a restaurant that might come close to a Michelin starred restaurant in Southern France. The staff is super friendly and have great recommendations what to pick from the menu in case one cannot decide.The food is just from heaven. Delicious and, prepared perfectly and very nicely presented.They even pick you up from your hotel with one of their busses if you call ahead.If you are deciding to stay on Moorea and you like excellent food, then this is a must go.One last word though: it is definitely not the cheapest restaurant but definitely worth it. And given the overall high prices in French Polynesia, it is no surprise.

Ulrich Romahn — Google review

This is an upscale but still casual French beachfront eatery. You should go if you enjoy champagne - they’re really big on it here as you’ll be able to tell from all the decorations. The co*cktails and food were a bit overpriced for what it was. I ordered the crispy rice sushi - the rice was soggy, not crispy, and seemed like it was cooked before hand and just sitting out. The fish on top did not seem fresh or tasty. The whole turbot, on the other hand, was quite delicious and buttery. The garlic bread was also tasty.

Sarah Hui — Google review

This is a beautiful restaurant with stunning views. The views are five stars, the food was three stars so the overall average was four. Our pitcher of mojitos was not very good, the food was just ok but you pay the prices for the ambiance. I think they really try but we were just not that impressed with the flavor of our dishes and they were not five star dishes, even though they sounded like they were on the menu.

Andrea Kelly — Google review

Although the restaurant was beautiful and the service was great, the food was extremely overpriced. The quality did not match the price at all. I got the lobster Mac and cheese, which should have been a simple dish. However, much of the pasta was uncooked and crunchy, and the dish itself was quite dry and flavorless. It was similar to cheap bar food, but with unjustifiable high prices. I would recommend going to Manuia Grill instead.

Mandy Mozel — Google review

Me and my husband both ordered pizzas. We easily could have shared one because they are massive. But they are absolutely delicious and rival even the best pizza joint in the US.The view is unrivaled, and the ambiance is relaxing and casual/upscale without hitting the wallet too hard (if you order the right things). We split a bottle of rose for about $33. Staff don't wear masks (if you care about that sort of thing).

Sara Crenshaw — Google review

We went for the well known Moorea sunset. The drinks were well made and refreshing. I had a mojito (or three), my companion had a variety of drinks and liked the piña colada best (made with coconut ice cream). The food was exceptional! We had a tuna and wasabi pizzette to start (the favorite eat of the meal). For entrees we enjoyed lobster dumplings in bisque and dover sole- both were very good but the pizzette stole the show.

Keli Smith — Google review

The best pizza on the island that we had, and we had a lot over our 1 week stay. Highly, highly recommend the pizza. The Ti'Punch was strong and delicious and inexpensive; the holy trinity in my opinion. The views and atmosphere speak for themselves. The service was friendly and prompt. 5⭐️

Levi Patterson — Google review

Our evening at Moorea Beach Cafe was nothing short of magical! This charming restaurant, nestled right on the lagoon, provided the perfect backdrop for a stunning sunset. We were captivated by the beauty of the surroundings as we settled in for a delightful dining experience.The sunset menu was a true culinary delight. The tuna sashimi was incredibly fresh and flavorful, the seafood pizza was a delicious fusion of tastes from the sea, and the steak was cooked to perfection. Each dish was a masterpiece on its own, showcasing the chef’s expertise and dedication to quality ingredients.Save room for dessert because the chocolate lava cake paired with velvety vanilla ice cream was a heavenly indulgence that satisfied our sweet cravings. The combination of warm, gooey chocolate and cold, creamy ice cream was pure bliss.What truly elevated our experience was the exceptional service. The staff at Moorea Beach Cafe were attentive, friendly, and went above and beyond to ensure our evening was memorable. Their warm hospitality made us feel like valued guests, adding to the overall enjoyment of our meal.A heartfelt thank you to the entire team for an unforgettable evening!

LiveFree Diving — Google review

So French!! Loved this little spot, and Bruno.... Had a few bottles of wine, enjoyed the sunset and had delicious tuna tartar... Walking distance to our little house... Great time, good food, wonderful service

Jinny Gunn — Google review

Came here on two separate occasions, once for standard dinner, once for the sunset menu.The staff is super patient and accommodating, offering advice when you need it, and great at making tweaks based on flavor preferences.This place isn’t cheap, but nothing in FP is, so come here ready to live lavishly and Bruno will reward you.Get the Ti-Punch carafe, as much Tuna tartare and sushi as you can stomach. Thank me later.

Ashley Banet — Google review

We decided to stop 🛑 by for the pizza 🍕! Well that and 4 beers cost 💲 90…. Kinda steep but service and view was good 👍 not a 5 star ⭐️ place for sure….

MARTIN GAGNON — Google review

I had the most wonderful afternoon yesterday at the Moorea Beach Cafe. The pizza was delicious and they were kind enough to make me a special off-menu champagne co*cktail (a French 75). The staff were so kind and friendly & the location is fantastic! Ask to be seated in the tables where you are sat on the beach in the water.I would recommend this to anyone staying on Moorea, and are hoping to go back tonight, for the sunset. Top experience of our time in French Polynesia!

rebecca michals — Google review

The location for this cafe is perfect and if you are looking for a great sunset spot this is it, as long as the clouds dont ruin it for you. We had a good meal here our only gripe was that the fish was way overcooked. The sauce it was in was delicious. All in all it is a good place to grab a drink, have some food and watch the sunset.

Jess Hammersley — Google review

We had an amazing time during our honeymoon trip at the Moorea Beach Cafe. We were looking for a nice restaurant by the sea and couldn't be more happy when we found this place. The tuna tartar was delicious, highly recommended. They also have tables in the water to have a drink by the beach 🏖️

Monica Lobo Alonso — Google review

We went to this place with my family and im so excited to try their food. I read some bad reviews already prior to going there but i still want to give this place a try. We were seated and greeted by a very friendly lady and my kids said she is really nice. The manager took our order. My kids specifically said that no sauce on both burger but the food came with sauce. They change it and my kids were happy but that did not last long as they cant even eat the burger. I ask them why, they said it doesn't taste beef patty. I tried it myself and i agree with them, i dont even know what the heck is it. My husband and i ordered lobster as we want to have a nice lobster dish and splurge a little. When the order came, the whole lobster is seating on top of a linguine/rice that is tasteless and a bit dry. We also think the lobster was overcooked to be honest. I think with the amount of money we spend, we did not get the meal we paid for. Too expensive! We were expecting that they will do something about the burger so my kids will feel better, but no. We were waiting for the manager to come to us to apologized but he just ignore us. In fact, we had to ask for dessert that comes with the kids menu instead of coming to us and ask. We have some leftover to go and they put in a box and when we get the bill we got charged for the box!!! Wow. We will not come back.

Annalyn Tang — Google review

Got dinner for two at this place. Their garlic bread tastes like 3 day old bread toasted, and it comes with pesto sauce rather than garlic. Any house wife could make better garlic bread. Pork belly on cabbage: pork belly tastes good, but cabbage was bitter. For $34 I was served basically pork belly that you expect from a bowl of ramen. Fish of the day, we ordered tuna: nothing deserves the $34 it demands.This place does have a view of the sunset. But there's a lot of street car noise: not a good place to watch sunset.

Voyager Zhang — Google review

I really enjoyed our meal here. There is a wide variety of unique dishes. My friends, who had dined here before cautioned that the whole lobster wasn't worth it, so we explored the menu and shared a few things.The pizza with raw tuna and wasabi was fantastic, as was the lobster bisque. The flatbread and greek salad were also really tasty. The tuna with gnocchi was a mixed execution: the gnocchi was delicious with a bit of crunchiness to it, but the tuna was overcooked.

anthony scott — Google review

cote mer, Pk6, Moorea 98728, French Polynesia 40 56 29 99

2Fare La Canadienne Burger House Moorea

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The restaurant Fare La Canadienne Burger House Moorea serves delicious burgers in a relaxing and comfortable setting. The quality of the food is excellent, and the prices are very reasonable. It is highly recommended that you make reservations when visiting, as it can be quite busy. The service is outstanding and the staff are very friendly.

Coming from Canada, this place was a sweet little slice of home. The owner is super nice & hospitable, and the menu features a great selection of burgers, sandwiches, and salads. My husband and I were glad we came across this place while on Moorea!

Melissa Sinclair — Google review

Huge portions! Delicious burgers, fries and salads:) Reservations are really necessary!

marije woudsma — Google review

Best poutine this side of the equator!! And as a Québecoise myself, it really warmed my heart to have a such an authentic taste of back home🍁 Particularly with the shot of "Sortilège" maple whiskey, what a pleasant surprise!! Hats off to Nancy and the gang, fantastic experience all around. Gonna have to make sure I come back here any time I make it back to French Polynesia!!

Karine Marois — Google review

An amazing experience and the feeling to be at home away from home. Special thanks to Nancy and Bruno who makes this possible. The burgers are finger licking good, the fries to die for and guys they even have Canada Dry!!!As you guess this is very popular place, best to place a reservation because it does fill up quickly. If you miss lunch, there is always dinner at 6pm! Enjoy the Quebec experience in a paradise environment!

Nancy Lefebvre — Google review

Mo'orea's best burgers and salads. I was staying nearby, and this location was ideal for me. The price is a little high, but it is well worth it considering the portion and quality of the products used.During the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant is only open a few days a week. So, if you don't want to be disappointed, check ahead of time.

Dr Alex Kamnerdsiri — Google review

This restaurant does a wonderful take on a traditional burger. I had the Quebecois burger that included lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese, and mushrooms along with a delicious burger sauce. Everything was well seasoned, cooked to order and the staff were very kind and accommodating. The only thing to note is that they don't have more than 10-12 tables so if you don't make a reservation or go early for dinner you could be turned away. Otherwise we were very pleased with the meal, the service, and the awesome playlist on the radio 😁

Kelly Meyers — Google review

Quality, price and delicious burgers were over the top. The service was stellar also! Will come back soon!

Georgina Kelly — Google review

Such a great find! Delicious food and the owner is so nice! I had the double bacon cheeseburger and my friends had the fish burger. Great atmosphere, and a great way to finish the night on this beautiful island. Made this Alaska boy happy and full!

John Schwartz — Google review

Moorea-Maiao, French Polynesia 87 73 45 78

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French restaurant

Rudys is a French restaurant in Maharepa, with a menu that includes American and seafood dishes. It's open for dinner and late night, has seating available, and offers waterfront dining. The restaurant also has a jazz bar.

Great meal. Free shuttle from Sofitel was awesome. One thing to note that I hadn't seen in other comments is tipping is cash only, so be sure you bring cash if you intend to tip. We started by sharing the mixed green salad, very good. I had the famous Crab Stuffed Parrot Fish and it was excellent. Wife had shrimp and scallops with rice and absolutely loved it. Reservation is required, we saw several people get turned away at the door. Drinks were large and tasty. We both finished with the chocolate mouse, which was decadent. Highly recommend as an alternative to the resort monotony.

Greg Keyser — Google review

The gentleman that owns this bar and restaurant came and greeted us immediately and found us a great seat. He went over all of the specials and served us sour drinks promptly. Soon after more people came in, and the place filled up the atmosphere was comfortable and very inviting. The food was delicious and definitely worth trying.

Anthony Forhan — Google review

There is a selection of exquisite food offered at this small very intimate restaurant. Of course, I had to try the crab stuffed parrot fish. It was divine! The escargot & mussels appetizers were fresh & scrumptious. We loved it so much, we went back again. We were never disappointed. The owner and waitstaff were always friendly and welcoming.

BK Walther — Google review

Excellent meal. I highly recommend it. The breaded trio of sea food & the parrot fish were delicious. The chocolate lava cake was very indulging. The staff were friendly & provided great customer service. They even provide a free pick & drop off service to some resorts/hotels. A must when visiting Moorea

Jitesh Patel — Google review

One of the best dinners we had while visiting Moorea!We usually don't visit restaurants twice, however, we had such a great experience the first time that we had to go again. We also loved how they had free shuttles from the Hilton.From our two visits, our favorites were the tuna carpaccio, the parrot fish stuffed with crab, the prawns with garlic sauce, and the chocolate lava cake.Service was quick and timed accordingly to other patrons from our hotel, and the ambience is so cozy.We met some guests who were in town who had visited Rudy's 10 years ago and were back for more. How cool! We hope to be fortunate enough to return again someday.

Carissa Concepcion — Google review

Although my wife and I have visited Moorea on several occasions, we finally made it to Rudy's on our most recent visit. Based on our first dinner, we would not hesitate to come back. Making a reservation via email was easy. Food was delicious. Service was friendly and prompt. I had the stuffed parrotfish and fruit tart. Both were delicious.

John Mang — Google review

Hands down the best place to eat in Moorea! So good, we went back the next night.For appetizers, the baked mussels were scrummy.The best main dishes are definitely the Parrot Fish and the Duck. both dishes are well executed and the sauces to each are plate licking good!Great service and they come and open the door when you arrive. A must visit when staying in Moorea!

Deb Quach Beck — Google review

Absolutely a must visit when in Moorea, we’ve been at least 5 times now and never have had a bad meal. The staff is super friendly and they will pick you up from your hotel if you don’t have a car. Give it a try, you won’t be dissatisfied.

Michelle Tarbush — Google review

We had an excellent dinner in a nice Ambiente. Service is good and they offer a shuttle service from/to some hotels on the island which we gladly used. The only reason why I'm not giving a full five star review is because of the way we were complimented out of the restaurant at the end of the dinner. All over sudden we had to hurry, eat up, pay the bill and exit to wait for the shuttle to bring us back to the hotel. Other restaurants that offer a shuttle are more flexible.

SYLVIA Hanno — Google review

Two meals here in 3 nights! Rudy is a Tahitian native, and he and his staff are wonderful hosts. From the garlic bread app to the wahoo steaks and lamb curry, we had several courses of amazing food paired with great service. And a nice wine list and co*cktail menu!

Rob Hill — Google review

This was by far the best meal we had on the island. The stuffed parrot fish just melted in your mouth. The wahoo was amazing. Highly recommend this place while in Moorea.

Kass Copelin — Google review

Excellent experience! The fish was fresh and well prepared. We had sashimi to begin with a generous avocado slice on top. For dinner, crab stuffed parrot fish (INCREDIBLE!) and lobster with butter sauce. The staff was attentive and kind. The bartender was skilled. We will definitely be coming back!

Keli Smith — Google review

I prefer to only review the best. Thus, Rudy's in Moorea. (NE) Not only can you depend on receiving excellent food, the atmosphere, the inside AC, the service are all top notch! Among our four, we had shrimp, muscles, curry lamb, and a fish much like Halibut. Top notch sauces! We also had very fine co*cktails and a bottle of sparkling water. In the background were some sweet romantic jazz and blues vocals. Rudy's is open evenings. Worth paying a little more.

Fred Stephens — Google review

Lovely dinner. The staff was super friendly. They picked us up from the resort which made it super easy to visit. The pineapple upside down dessert was so yummy!

Jenny Zink — Google review

100% recommended this for dinner. We had the crab stuffed parrot fish (yum), we had the filet mignon with pepper sauce, the duck (spectacular!), and the filet mignon with blue cheese sauce. Service was great as was the food, drinks, and desserts!

Christopher Ryan Poll — Google review

What a charming little restaurant...the interior has a Spanish feel to it that is both cozy and intimate.Rudy was at the door to greet and invite us in. Nice fella.All of the dishes were good, but the highlight for me was the Parrot fish. I had it without the stuffed crab. This was my first time trying Parrot fish and what a treat it was. Probably the most delicate fish I eaten and the sauce it came with was the perfect match. I asked Rudy what it was and he said "secret sauce" Ha!I would rate this one of the best restaurants on the island.

Jason Lewis — Google review

Very tasty foo, probably the best we've had in French Polynesia so far. They pick you up at the hotel but we drove since we rented a car. They are friendly and service is fast. Super recommended.

Carlos Moro — Google review

This place was amazing! I overhead someone recommending it to someone else and decided to try it. Unfortunately, didn’t make it until my last day there. THIS is where the amazing food is at that apparently Tahiti is known for. We tried to try lots of foods on the island but this meal was the BEST so far! I feel like so much fish on Tahiti is either the raw stuff (fine if you’re careful but so much the same) or way over cooked. Rudy’s cooked their fish perfectly. I could eat the parrot fish every day! The lasagna, filet mignon, shrimp curry also great! My daughter had her mind set on crepes somewhere else and so we skipped dessert. That will be one of the great regrets of this vacation! Their dessert looks amazing! Make sure this stop is included in your itinerary or you have not done Mo’orea right! The photos can’t do it justice. It was an orchestra melting in my mouth. Nice atmosphere as well. Perfect for a date.

Joanna Coles — Google review

PK 6,9 Coastal Road, 98728, French Polynesia+689 40 56 58 00


The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (29)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (30)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (31)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (32)


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(873)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (34)

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A great restaurant in Moorea with French cuisine that is famous for its steak. This place offers a variety of foods, including steaks and burgers.

What an excellent surprise! We loved itGreat view, people and food.We were not expecting such a fabulous setting. The guys was great! A must do is tie in the area.

Tony Neumeyer — Google review

The atmosphere is gorgeous, and there’s a wonderful view, the service was also top-notch and extremely friendly. Food was ok, the steaks seemed a bit chewy and sides were bland but menu is decent.I am glad to see that this place is still in business. I came here back in 2018 and just visited as recently as March 2024

Alexander Haley — Google review

Food was delicious and we got there in time to take advantage of the happy hour specials. Steak was perfectly done and the sides were delightful. Desert was a 10/10 and a fantastic wine list to boot. Reasonably priced given the experience and steakhouse menu.

Devin Blau — Google review

Excellent service by this young waitress who was very polite and apologised a 100 times for the butchered steak we got. They did offer to recook the steak for us after ordering a medium and a medium rare and both receiving a steak welldone, but after the cow already had to burden the sin of his meat being cooked welldone we politely declined so it wouldnt be thrown away.Every restaurant that calls itselve a steakhouse should fire the cook who allows such fine meat being cooked welldone. Once again the service was above excellent, well done young girl.

Danny Van Valburg — Google review

Amazing food and lovely staff. Great to find on the island as one in our party has a seafood allergy so there were lots of options for them. The mashed potato with chorizo, Caesar salad and mac n cheese were notable mentions.

Sara Galvin — Google review

This steakhouse would easily hold its own anywhere in the world. The surprise hit was the shrimp dumpling appetizer with an excellent ginger dipping sauce, it's a must. The staff and owners are incredibly personable as well. We also came back for nightcaps every night in Moorea.

Kevin Carroll — Google review

We loved this restaurant. Elevated above the main road it offers a great view looking out towards the water.The service was excellent and the food matched the service.I ordered the Holy Fine Burger. New Zealand Angus beef, fried foie Gras, smoked duck breast, pickles and fixings. Spectacular taste. And the best made frites I have ever had.My wife had the special with chicken and tarragon. Equally delicious.The staff helped us pair a great French wine with the meal.Finished with Coco Brûlée which was super.If you get a chance go and partake in this steak house experience. It will be worth your drive.

Jason Schriml — Google review

Baby back ribs were amazing. The service was also great. We ate here 3 out of 7 dinners while in Moorea so that's saying something

Jason bencich — Google review

Ok, first things first - you should really be eating all of the fresh seafood in Mo'orea, not visiting a steakhouse. That aside, this place is pretty damn good.We came twice, first on New Years Eve and again on our last night out before heading back home. We were picked up from our bungalow both times. The steak was consistently awesome. I'll describe the rest of each experience, as they differed slightly.On NYE, our waitress was quite salesy, though good on her for working it. She definitely pressured us into a "new years special co*cktail" without mentioning a price, and we took the bait. Unfortunately, those glasses of champagne cost 2800 xpf each. She recommended a starter, which was a trio of salmon, and it was fantastic. It was huge, and neither of us really needed a main course after that, but it was delicious. Smoked salmon sliced thin alongside a salmon rilette, both topped with salmon roe, and served with grilled bread. I'd recommend this for sure, but have 3-4 people to share it with. For mains, we got a steak with seared foie gras on top (side of truffle mashed potatoes) and the seafood trio with three types of lobster (side of stir fry veggies). The steak was insane. Perfectly cooked, red in the middle, with an inch-thick slab of seared foie gras on top that absolutely melted in your mouth. It was pure decadence. The truffle mashed was over-mashed for my taste (I like some chunks of potato) but the flavors were spot on, not too much truffle, and it was a huge side. The lobster was better than I expected - perfectly cooked, buttery, and not a single bite that tasted rubbery. Came with two tails of slipper, one tail of spiny, and a tail / claw combo of your regular lobster. The slipper might have been the best of the three. The veggies were nothing special, mostly cabbage and carrots julienned in some sesame vinaigrette, but if you're looking for a healthier side option, it wasn't bad. We had a couple of martinis with our meal, way more reasonably priced than our intro co*cktail at 1400 xpf each, and overall, thought the meal was pretty incredible, though we left a hefty chunk of our wallet there.On our second visit, we took things down a notch. We had a couple of drinks at home before going over, but ordered martinis again. This time they were a bit funky... I'm not sure if they were overly vermouthed? Honestly, I thought it tasted like there was lime juice in them? Anyway, a bit funky and disappointing. Also disappointing? The parmesan salad we split to start. It sounded like a caesar, but it was more like a bowl of limp lettuce with some croutons, a little tomato, a ton of parmesan, and a side of blue cheese. I was hoping for something closer to your average steakhouse caesar, which is usually a highlight. What wasn't disappointing? Our mains. The steak was again, absolutely perfect. This time I ordered the duck, which was good, though not the best I've had. It was the right color of rare pink inside and really tender, though I was hoping for a fattier / crisper skin on the outside. I ordered mac and cheese as my side, but they were out, so they made me an au gratin instead, and I didn't miss the mac and cheese. This side was way too much for one person, and it was crispy and burnt around the edges like it should be, while soft and gooey in the middle. Don't worry, I ate every last bite.Overall, I'd recommend Holy Steak House. It was one of the best meals we had while in Mo'orea, and if you have folks in your family who aren't fans of seafood, this will be a great place to take them.

Samantha Berg — Google review

Really lovely lunch with an amazing view. We had a selection of tapas and they were all very good, the dumplings were our favorite. The profiteroles were the perfect ending.

J Chima — Google review

Some positives: friendly staff, nice ambience (live music was lovely), tasty starters (appetizers).Items that were insanely priced were the bottled water, the co*cktails and the horrible surf and turf...Should have come for happy hour drinks ambiance and some starters.The two mains were appalling: vegetable curry was flavorless, and the lobster in the surf and turf was way overcooked: the steak flavourless.

Carl Wishneusky — Google review

Many menu choices from meat dishes to seafood. We had the grilled salmon with stir fry vegetables on the side and duck breast with potatoes au gratin. All perfectly prepared to our wishes and delicious. We shared a bowl of 3 tropical fruit sorbet for dessert.

Lisa Moore — Google review

Lobster is terrible dry. BBQ ribs are so so. Calamaris are test like frozen food.

laksana sunsim — Google review

Every single bite of our meal was incredible! The beef tenderloin is sincerely the best I've had anywhere in the world. Seasoned well, thick, juicy, and perfectly cooked. We also tried a few mocktails and several desserts- just as good! And all this with stellar views and friendly service. It couldn't have been a better experience!

Madison Jasperson — Google review

Probably not a good choice for steak house in my opinion, the tapas portion was really small, we ordered medium for the steak but it came out well done. The second time they recooked the steak it was way too raw. You would think a steakhouse had it figured out. The fish of the day was really dry and over cooked. They made us wait 30 min for another table to finish up before they would order us a shuttle back to the hotel. Also pricey, usd 220 for 4 people we each ordered one drink .

Sophia Un — Google review

Bring your bug spray! Atmosphere's great except for the bugs, but you really can't do much about the mosquitoe given the climate right. They have a kids meal which saves on cost include drink and dessert for them. The tapas were good had the steam dumplings and the shrimp tempura. Share the beef tenderloin with the hubby and it was great added a few sides. The baked potato is really good. Sweet potato fries for great skip the sauteed vegetables.

melissa hugh — Google review

Moorea-Maiao, French Polynesia 40 55 15 14

5Allo Pizza

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (35)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (36)

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Allo Pizza is a delicious Italian restaurant in Cooks Bay which serves up some of the best pizzas in the island. From oven-fired pies to classic dishes, the menu has something for everyone. Plus, there's a vegetarian section if you're looking for something special. Prices are good and the staff are friendly and polite, making it an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Real woodfired pizza and more. The fish burger was fantastic and I enjoyed the 3cheese and anchovy pizza. Nice thin crust. Friendly staff, but honestly the whole island is! Slightly expensive, but on par with most places

Hendri E — Google review

Fantastic pizza! I wasn’t too sure how good the pizza would be on a little island like this, but it turned out to be amazing. We actually went back there again because we liked it so much. It was fun sitting outside on the stools at the bar, talking to all the locals and some tourists that would stop by. One pizza would feed two people easily.

Anthony Forhan — Google review

This is a popular local pizza spot in Moorea. The pizza uses a giant wood fire oven to make their pizzas. They have lots of options on the menu. I tried the Moorea pizza - a white cream sauce vegetarian pizza with pineapples which was good, as well as the Margarita pizza (oddly has ham on it) - the tomato sauce was lacking and there wasn’t much flavor. Call ahead of time to pick up your order. Overall, the pizzas were a welcome change from eating hotel food, but not memorable enough to make a second trip back.

Sarah Hui — Google review

Best pizza around. This little side of the road stand was exactly what we wanted. The Hawaiian Pizza with fresh pineapples did not disappoint. We ended up taking a Armenia pizza to go for later at the hotel.

Gene Downing — Google review

Wish I could have posted the pizza, but I was too busy eating it! Wood fire grill, fresh dough and amazing ingredients. You can dine in or do takeaway. We took pizzas back to the room and ate outside on the balcony. Try the Sofia and the Hawaiian pizza (or really any of them, because they are all good). They have drinks here as well as desserts. We tried the chocolate mousse and it was yummy.

Kimberly Schreiber — Google review

Driving around the island and came across this awesome place! Never tried the pizza even though it felt like I should’ve ordered pizza because everyone who came after us including the locals ordered pizza but anyway, the tall stacked bacon cheeseburger and fries was delicious!

Wayne Jr. — Google review

Most wonderful, unique pizza combos, homemade, and the most lovely staff. 10/10 recommend while on the island. Husband and I came back to back evenings. Great little outdoor spot with free WiFi and cold beverages!

Jamie McGee — Google review

This place is such a gem! The pizza is thin crust and hand made, then cooked in a wood fire pizza oven. The ingredients are fresh and combine wonderfully to create a perfect size pizza for 2. We also had crepes both times we visited and could not recommend them more! They are large and well made with plenty of toppings and home made whipped cream.For all the chocolate lovers - try the Nutella and banana or chocolate and banana crepe AND try the home made chocolate mousse. You won't regret it!

Kelly Meyers — Google review

Amazing spot in the area to grab a delicious burger or pizza. I was a little skeptical at first but definitely add this to your dinner spot. The owners are super friendly and offer very unique pizzas. The Moo'rea pizza was delicious and the burger was huge and flavorful. Even the dessert crepes are made well!

Aditya Malik — Google review

This is a casual little place for takeout or dine in. LOVED this place. The pizza is doughy but thin crust, and the fish burger is to die for- my favorite fish burger I’ve had! And definitely enjoy a crepe to finish the meal!

Pearl Miran — Google review

amazing pizza! Their dough is really good and I loved the red sauce. People were friendly but busy, price was pretty reasonable. One pizza can easily serve 2 adults just FYI.

Tony Forhan — Google review

Great pizzas and friendly peeps. You should definitely give them a try.

Christopher Ryan Poll — Google review

Fantastic! Fun street food vibe with gorgeous mountain views and delicious pizza! Doesn’t get any better than this. Generous cheese, expansive choices, wood fired crust all add up to a must do if you want to try some local pizza.

Steven Simao — Google review

Staying at Hilton Moorea and wanted an off property meal. Allo Pizza is located on the beautiful Cooks Bay (about 4 miles from the Hilton). Hopped on our motorcyle for the short drive. Pizza was made quickly and boxed up (pepperoni for him and Hawaiian for me). Thye have a spicy oil in packets that is pretty mild. Reasonably priced pizza. Grabbed a bottle of wine as well and ate on our over water bungalow while the sunset.

Kimmi Edwards — Google review

G54M+C67, Moorea-Maiao, French Polynesia 40 56 18 22

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (41)

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If you're looking for a top-notch restaurant in the Tiahura area, look no further than Le Lézard Jaune Café. With healthy dishes and an amazing atmosphere, this spot is highly recommended. The Poisson Cru is definitely not to be missed!

Service was impeccable. The lady that helped us was informative and spoke English very well. She went over the entire special list and offered some suggestions. We tried a few different dishes and enjoyed every bit of it.

Anthony Forhan — Google review

An amazing experience from start to finish! Great food and service - don’t miss this excellent restaurant on Mo’orea!

Kristin Anderson — Google review

no need to read the entire review, make your reservation now!!!! Great food, wonderful local menu and delightful service. Can't thank the owners and their amazing chef enough....Josephine of the best meals I have had while visiting Moorea. Make it a must on your Moorea to do list.

Jay A. Geier — Google review

A must try. Delicious dishes and very reasonable prices. The poisson cru “special chef” is a must try.

Morten H S — Google review

This place is amazing! Not only is the food 10/10, but the atmosphere is lovely. This is a must do on your trip. The owners take great care in the quality of food they are serving you and it shows.

Sarah Knight — Google review

Food was really tasty and the service was great. The staff was fun and they checked on us frequently to make sure things were going well. The duck was the highlight of our entrees and the ice cream was fantastic at dessert. We got the caramelized pineapple flambéed - be warned that it is VERY alcoholic so if you don’t like your dessert to taste like that I’d recommend getting it without it.

Michael Toy — Google review

Had a fantastic meal at the green lizard. Exotic chicken salad was delicious with the house marinaded olives. The beef and local fish were both cooked perfectly and the sauces were divine. Spicy sauce is not for the faint of heart and the coconut curry is a must have. Capped the meal off with pineapple flambe and vanilla ice cream. Great meal at reasonable prices.

Devin Blau — Google review

We went in late October and the weather was perfectly pleasant. This was truly one of the best meals I have had period. The taro, the mahi, the sauces and the fish of the day were incredible. The service was also so kind and they were gracious with our lack of French and spoke English to us. I can’t recommend enough. Reservations needed.

Coree Schmitz — Google review

EXCEPTIONAL !!This restaurant is hands down the best on Moorea. The thought of the seared tuna still makes my mouth water. The staff, chef and owner are all super pleasant, professional and had a welcoming demeanor.The only down side was that they weren't open every day of the week; had that been the case, we would have dined here EVERY NIGHT. We would walk, ride our bikes or drive just to eat here and each and every time was well worth itIt's totally worth the price and I hope to be able to make it back soon so I can satisfy the crave for the delicious food of Le Lezard Jaune Cafe

Moises Iniguez — Google review

Got the special of the day fish and it was tasty as was the sword fish. Loved that they showed a picture of the fish they’re serving.The dinner was a bit pricy even without purchasing drinks. They serve most items on skewers and include a veggie/pineapple kebab which was a nice touch.We were here after light rain in feb and the restaurant was so hot even with open air and fans. They serve the best local ice cream/sorbets on the island so we cooled down with sorbet.Recommend a reservation.

Hannah Wells — Google review

Come hungry! The house special Poisson Cru was the best I've had, and there was enough left to take home. Whatever entree you choose, pair it with the homemade foie gras sauce.

Kevin Carroll — Google review

Moorea-Maiao, French Polynesia 89 56 58 64

7Snack Coco D'isle

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (51)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (52)

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If you're in the Moorea area, definitely check out Snack Coco D'isle for some of the best seafood around. They also have a vegan and gluten-free menu, so everyone can enjoy their food. The restaurant is run by a family and they really take pride in their food. The quality of the ingredients is top notch, and the presentation is really eye-catching too!

Easily my favorite place that I ate in Moorea. The staff is so friendly and the food is to die for. It has the vibe of a place where locals go to eat! We ordered the shrimp in mango sauce (incredible), the grilled cheese with salad (delectable), and the chocolate mousse (heavenly). I only wish we were in Moorea longer so we could come back here!

Michael Rose — Google review

We were a big skeptical by how the restaurant looks on the outside, but we ended up being surprised by the amazing food, super tasty, good portion and excellent quality of all ingredients. Not to mention how sweet the staff was, making us feel very welcomed and how beautiful they make the dishes, almost like art!If we come back to Moorea we will for sure return to this amazing place <3

Ana Branquinho — Google review

This place is my favorite restaurant on Moorea. Sand floors, great food and a friendly staff. The co*cktails are big with heavy pours. The presentation and food quality is so far beyond your normal beach restaurant. Try the Mahi Mahi and treat yourself. One tip: In the off season, go right when they open and enjoy it. If it's slow, they will close early so make sure to get there right at 6.

Scotty Landes — Google review

Favorite spot for dinner! The shrimp is fresh, peeled and grilled to perfection. Super friendly and smiley staff. Tahitian bread fruit specials are delicious. The creative plating presentation is beautiful and one of a kind!

George Borshukov — Google review

Fantastic food, lovely staff, beautiful setting. We loved the cooked tuna breaded with coconut and the mahi. They had beautiful carpaccio, which I don't eat unfortunately, but I suspect that would be extremely tasty as all other diners loved it. Also good value compared to other places on the island.

Tia Lendo — Google review

Great authentic place to grab mahi mahi, shrimp, burgers or tuna! Loved the food quality and presentation!

Stojan Rancic — Google review

Got the shrimp skewer. It was great! Place also does free transfers from your hotel

Jeet C — Google review

Absolutely great fresh meals. Service was fantastic

Gianna Braida — Google review

Very nice spot for dinner! The floor is sand which makes it feel very island and tropical. We ordered the garlic shrimp and coconut breaded fish and served with fresh fruit. Overall the meals were tasty. They were a little pricey for the portions of the food.

Kassandra Solsrud — Google review

Checked out this place after our recommended restaurant next door was full for the night. Decent spot, atmosphere is pretty casual with sand floors plastic chairs/table. Prices are in range with the area. Service was good and attentive.We got the Octopus in garlic sauce and the Land and Sea special. Octopus w/ sauce tasted like a solid New England clam chowder and would order again 5*. Land (steak) was okay, could use more flavor 3*. Prawns 4* and a fried tuna ball 3.5* were serviceable. Fresh fruit 5* rounded out the meal.Food presentation bumped this overall from a 3.5 to 4*, Insta worthy.

Christopher Johanning — Google review

“The best restaurant on the island”. We sat next to a couple who has been coming here for 30 years and loves this place. Recommended the grilled Mahi mahi and that definitely did not disappoint. I don’t even have a picture bc my husband finished it so fast! Come here for feet in the sand, Polynesian vibes, delicious food at a more affordable price, and AMAZING staff! They were all so sweet! Maururu roa! We will be back!

Tina — Google review

Excellent food, fresh local ingredients and beautiful presentation with flowers and fruit. We had 2 plates from the raw fish menu and both were incredible. Also ordered some co*cktails, made with fresh juice, and they were also great. Good prices for Moorea and very warm friendly staff. Headed there for the restaurant next door but they were full, and we were not disappointed at all.

Heidi Fisher — Google review

Love this place - the food was beautifully presented and equally delicious. The staff were so friendly and kind. The shuttle driver Gary was wonderful. This team went above and beyond to help us out when we ran out of gas. Highly highly recommend this place!!

Ewa Johnson — Google review

The food here is absolutely fantastic! The menu is hilarious and the ground is sand! We loved the pizza (especially the Micky pizza) and the tuna was incredible!

Tyler Calkins — Google review

Moorea-Maiao, French Polynesia+689 40 56 59 07


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If you're looking for excellent vegetarian baked goods, this is the place to go in Maharepa - Carameline is a French-style bakery with delicious pastries and sandwiches as well. It's a popular spot with locals and tourists alike, so be sure to book ahead!

Really cool pastry shop. The guanabana and mango ice cream was amazing - real fruit. And the apple tart was also really good.The staff was super friendly

Angel Canales — Google review

This wonderful cafe has delicious baked goods as well as lunch and brunch. We had the bagels and pastries for a late breakfast. They were all so delicious that we came back later for lunch (and more pastries). They’re beautiful to look at and delicious to eat!

Mira Abellera — Google review

Good coffee and tarts! Nice choice of pastries and bagels. Seating is outdoors, but not on the water. A nice grab n go spot as well.

Kimberly Schreiber — Google review

We created a pastry spread. We had an almond tart, tiramisu, chocolate cookie, mille feuille and a chocolate chip cookie Delicious! We recommend to some others who were staying at the same resort.

Dana Kraft — Google review

When I was in Moorea in 2004, I visited this place daily. Loved the ice cream.Fast forward to 2022, I was excited to visit this place again. Still had the ice cream, but the vibe was different. Not bad, just different. It was very nostalgic to be able to come back.

Wen — Google review

Went for lunch and they ran out of almost everything on their menu around 2:00 pm. Luckily, the burger and fries that I ordered were absolutely delicious. We ended up getting some French baked goods from the bakery inside and were pleasantly surprised. I love a good eclair!

Ramy Shoker — Google review

Pretty good! Had snack and drinks here. Soaked up some WiFi after checking out of the hotel before flight! Friendly staff!

sarah h — Google review

Amazing pastries and ice cream!! The Dark Vador burger was very delicious!

Rebecca Ballard — Google review

The croissant was delicious so was the pain au chocolat my son had.

Nathalie Robert-Peillard — Google review

Yummy & quick breakfast stop. Bagels & coffees are simple yet good ! Lovely staff too.

C W — Google review

I got mini cakes every morning we were in Mo’orea. I tried almost all of them and everything was delicious. I especially liked their mousse cakes, they were so yummy and unique.

Veronica Miro — Google review

Good bakery and restaurant. I have breakfast and it was great. They also have wifi is you need to work or get connected.

Kara Keeton — Google review

Yummy croissants and desserts. A very busy area and they do run out of items during peak times. When we were there, a live band was playing in the outdoor seating area.

Jill Wynn — Google review

Huge servings!We had a chicken and cheese baguette each and there was enough in one serve for both of us.Very friendly staff who thankfully spoke enough English to help us get by. They take credit card.Food was served quickly and the bread was very fresh. Would recommend for lunch.

Jay McCormack — Google review

We have been there for take away some bread and different pieces of cake. Bread is of excellent quality. The cakes are simply magnificent. We love it. In the meantime (we have been on Moorea Island for nearly eight weeks since beginning of October) we had many times breakfast, lunch, coffee break at Carameline. Quality of food excellent, staff fast and very friendly. Bagels and American Breakfast were perfect. And Club Sandwich was the best, I've ever had. Don't miss a visit at Carameline. I will definitely miss it, when going back to Europe on coming weekend.

Monika Liebold — Google review

Short: Go Here!Long: I stopped by before a dive to get pastries. The chocolate croissant was flakey and light, delicious. Fast service too.I then came for lunch and it was busy. I had gotten the three tuna special and though they were out of sashimi I was able to get poke instead. The fish was delightful and the service was better than the Hilton and intercontinental hotels. The food is well priced and delicious.Now dessert is also a must. I had this chocolate mousse mini cake with caramel inside. The first bite was incredible. By the end of it I was so full from how rich it was. The dessert options are plentiful as well if chocolate caramel mousse isn’t your thing. Enjoy yourself!!Bathroom could use a facelift.

Alex NEFF — Google review

centre commercial socredo, 98728, French Polynesia+689 40 56 15 88

9Restaurant Tiahura Chez Irène

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (63)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (64)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (65)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (66)


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This restaurant is known for its Polynesian cuisine, Seafood dishes, and Gluten Free options. The food is usually fresh and tasty, with reasonable prices. The specials are always the best to order! It's a great place to have lunch or dinner, and the staff are friendly and welcoming.

Adventure seafood…. I like it as a local taste!We had a seafood plat with pan fried shrimp, parrot fish, & mahi-mahi. This plate is fresh & delicious.We also have coconut crab & grilled octopus with garlic sauce.Coconut crab is definitely adventure!Grilled octopus is very very tasty! ICoconut water is nature and the fresh. Coconut bread, taro, & poe bakeries are good local food to try.It’s about $50 USD per person for our wonderful lunch experience!

Chris Yen — Google review

Not a very pleasant dining experience. My partner had the grilled chicken with fries and BBQ sauce. Half of the chicken was undercooked and raw in places. I told management but they never said sorry or offered a discount or refund. I had the Mahi Mahi with white rice and salad. The fish was cooked right but had no seasonings whatsoever. They served a garlic mayonnaise sauce on the side, but I hate mayo so that was pointless. Very surprising for a $27 meal. I even had to ask for butter for the bread. We won’t be back.

Chuck Morton — Google review

My Wife and I wanted a surprise dinner out and our Air B&B hosts scheduled a shuttle service to Tiahura restaurant and back.Let me start by saying that this place did not disappoint! The Food was Exquisite, the Service was Fantastic & the Ambiance was Marvelous!My wife took the Tuna Gratiné which was Rich & Creamy with great depth of flavours & I got a perfectly cooked Parrot fish which melted in your mouth it was so fresh!Highly Recommend!

sebastien harvey — Google review

Great place for lunch and Dinner . Be sure to make reservations!The suggestion of the day was excellent 👌Alcohol Drinks have a Great taste..🍹🍸🍷

Teresita Herrera — Google review

Great food and great service. The coconut crab was definitely an adventure. It doesn't taste like any other crab I tried before, The soup they put in the crab belly is not only decorative but delicious.

Liming Xu — Google review

Overpriced for the quality and quantity of food. I ordered the combo: fish of the day (parrot fish) with lagoon clams and pan-fried vegetables. The fish was so overcooked, I would not serve it to anyone (picture attached). Also tiny, 15 cm (with the head) at most. Vegetables tasted and looked like they came out of the bag from the freezer. Carrots and green beans, steamed/microwaved had zero flavor. Clams were ok. My husband ordered house tuna appetizer and sashimi. Flavorless, which is to be expected, but what’s interesting, his stomach got upset right after. In addition, the service was rather slow. It took about an hour from the time we got seated to when our entrees arrived. There is plenty of much better seafood options in Moorea. Please choose wisely.

Svetlana — Google review

We are in town for 12 days and are trying to hit all the good restaurants and this is definitely one of them! We sat at table 11 😊the owner was very attentive, the place was busy! But the food came out quickly and it was delicious. Had the carpaccio special, chicken curry, and bananas flambé. Definitely worth coming in and getting a great meal.

Anthony Forhan — Google review

This place was unassuming and completely amazing. I had the trio de thon and it was 100% delectable. The ingredients were fresh, the texture of the fish was silky and perfect temperature. I could eat here everyday!

T Boynton — Google review

We had a lovely time. Great service, nice atmosphere, lovely food! The portions were very good. The three of us shared 2 of flamed bananas and ice cream, very yummy!! Have great pics and memories. I would definitely go back!!

Samantha Turpin — Google review

This is my favorite restaurant of the many good ones I’ve enjoyed in Polynesia. The waitress was so engaged in helping me decide between the many great specials offered. I picked the carpaccio with passion fruit sauce because of her high praise. I’m so glad I had it. Exquisite. So we’re all the delicately prepared vegetables and even the simple rice was perfectly done. I’ll go back before I leave the island and will be my first stop when I return.

John Antonelli — Google review

This was our favorite meal on Moor'ea! My husband and I each ordered the combination seafood plates with local fish and shrimp. The Chef, Irene, was a very lovely person and we really enjoyed talking with her. We got the bread pudding desserts with local ice cream to go for us and our children, and we especially enjoyed the taro ice cream! I highly recommend this restaurant. Even the side of rice had a nice flavor!

Rebecca Bextel — Google review

Neighborhood gem. Local Polynesian cuisine featuring seafood, chicken, taro and other specialties with sauces of your choice: coconut milk curry, garlic sauce, provencale. Delicious, fresh herbs in each dish. So good, we've eaten here twice and a 3rd visit might be in the near future. A super bonus is a free ride to and from the restaurant to our hotel. This might not be offered to everyone, but grateful that it is available to us. Recommend reservations esp on Saturday night.

Lisa Moore — Google review

By far my favorite restaurant on the island. They have lots of really unique dishes on their specials that are all really exciting. We dined for lunch with a large group and didn't need a reservation, but it is probably needed for dinner.Being a large group we shared three different coconut crabs and were amazed at how different they all tasted. I got the parrot fish in clam curry as my dish and it was off the charts amazing. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed their food.The host is super friendly and has a wonderful, quirky, sense of humor, which is lacking at many of the restaurants on the island.I highly recommend including this on your itinerary of dining locations.

anthony scott — Google review

I really enjoyed our meal here. Friendly service explaining everything on the specials board to us in English, and then after ordering the food was quickly served. Very nice fresh fish and dishes. The dessert we had was bananas flambe with ice cream and it was really yummy. I nearly licked the plate to get all the yummy bits at the end.

Michael Martin — Google review

I had the grilled chicken.It was burnt (I like char) but all I could taste was a bad smoke. The grill must be dirty or the chef thinks it's a good idea to cook meat in a flame. The fish was ok...too much onions and too much sauce on the salad.

Kate Rinka — Google review

We made reservation for our group of 9 people to celebrate a birthday. They were very accommodating with our kids and language gap. While there were items that you could find elsewhere there were dishes special to here so we tried the Coconut Crab and Tuna Canoe (with Tahitian sized servings) both of which were spectacular! We are also still raving about the coconut bread. Our servers made us feel so welcome. It was one of the best meals of our trip.

Mira Abellera — Google review

Moorea-Maiao, French Polynesia+689 87 23 34 89

10Restaurant le Sunset

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (69)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (70)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (71)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (72)


(128)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (73)


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Sunset Restaurant is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant situated on Moorea with amazing views of the sunset. The food is great, and the prices are very reasonable.

This place was wonderful! They picked us up from the Intercontinental and brought us back free of charge. We had a pizza and mahi and I would absolutely recommended the mahi mahi with coconut sauce and the chocolate mousse for dessert! Pizza was great but mahi was amazing!

Andrew Dunk — Google review

Stopped here on our road trip around the island. The two of us sit a pizza and two co*kes for lunch. Was just the right amount of food and price was reasonable. Sat at the picnic table on ocean side, with a wonderful view.

Dana Auman — Google review

We only had burgers here. They were decent. The service was mediocre at best. They asked us if we wanted dessert but never came back to take our order instead they just started closing

Ira Gross — Google review

We went to the sunset restaraunt a few days ago and the meals there were pretty good, price wise a lettle expensive, but worth the view.The view across the lagoon is great, especially when the sun is out and it is not cloudy.I had monkfish cheeks which were okay but a little dry, however quite good, my wife had the bacon and tomato baguette with chips. The chips were well drained and not over salted which is great to see.The service was a little slow, however the restaraunt was pretty well to capacity, hence the service, which could be anticipated.

Peter Turner — Google review

Sweet people and great place on the best public beach anywhere on earth.

Markvs Augustvs — Google review

I WILL PUT AN END TO THE 5 ⭐️ versus 1⭐️ reviews!!! And the verdict is….. a solid 3.75 stars! From the moment we walked in about 20 minutes before the sun was setting, we were greeted by a friendly staff and given a table with uninterrupted ocean views even though we didn’t have a reservation. The staff was quick to take our drink orders. We did not order any pizza given their extensive menu, but instead went with the pasta carbonara and the tuna carpaccio. Wow. The food was fresh, had a great presentation (1/2 cracked egg on the pasta), and tremendous flavor. The music playlist was perfect for dinner. Prices were very on par with other restaurants in the area, but most of them don’t provide this fantastic view! A touch of ambiance with the decor, we will definitely be back!

Sean Hufgard — Google review

Nice Buffet breakfast to get your day started. Eggs, hash browns, and traditional French-Polynesian spread. Lots of local jams too. Setting is right on the water, beautiful view to start the day!

Darren Spicer — Google review

We called 30 mins before showing up to make reservations and even though they were packed, they got a table right away, the service and food was fantastic. We had the Hawaiian pizza, Vegetarian Curry, kids Chicken nuggest, Pina Colada, beer and anana juice. The view was perfect for sunset dinner, doesn't get much better on the island at a restaurant to watch the sunset.

Robin Stewart — Google review

Amazing food and views. Order the 1/2 Baguette, it’ll change your life. We parked that the beach, snorkeled and then ate here. Perfect afternoon.

NERFD - Let’s Get Tanked — Google review

Fantastic view of sunset; great menu; friendly staffIf you want a table with a view, you have to book ahead.

Misha Garg — Google review

Very nice place to watch sunsets. Excellent atmosphere and clean dinning area...As seen here in Google "there is not phone contact to make any reservation." Ah? Hello?You need to call thru the hotel which we did not know which was. Restaurant opens at 17:30 and everyone rushes there obviously to watch a beautiful 🌇 sunset. Very limited parking space, we had to park outside main at the sideway road, which is not safer after you finish to eat.As for food, please do not order any Mahi Mahi, it was tasteless, missing seasoning like garlic or onion taste. It was a good place for having celebrate our 15 anniversary ❤.

Ricardo Moreno — Google review

Mo'orea, French Polynesia 40 56 26 00

I'll never travel to Papetoai without this trip planner again

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The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (76)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (77)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (78)

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The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (80)

I will never travel to Papetoai without this app againAvailable on the App Store

11Restaurant Te Honu Iti

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (82)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (83)

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co*cktail bar

Restaurant Te Honu Iti is a great spot for seafood lovers in Cooks Bay on Moorea. They have a wide variety of dishes, including French cuisine and European food. They also have high quality fish and foie gras. The staff is friendly and welcoming, which makes it easy to enjoy your meal.

Quaint little off the road restaurant. You almost drive past it without noticing it. We easily got a table water side. The waiter was very nice and the menu was on a blackboard. We ordered the goat cheese salad. It’s the salad photo. The goat cheese is melted on top of a piece of toasted bread. There is a nice tomato sauce on top of the goat cheese. The bread is the croutons really. It was wonderful. Then we had the filet which was done perfectly. We also had the shrimp ravioli. Those raviolis were to die for. Hand made, these three raviolis fill you up. Cooked shrimp fills the hand crimped ravioli thin almost see through pasta. Peas on the outside, cooked vegetables, with a nice salad. The dessert was to top off a perfect dinner. The banana foster is better than I have ever had, even at $600 US a night dinners. The apple pie comes out pie size flat, making it a good size amount to serve two people if you’re already almost full from the meal.Overall, 5 stars! There are only 3 fine dining restaurants in the island and this is one of them! It doesn’t look like a fancy restaurant with marble floors but this pls e is just as good. Trust me! 800+ reviews can’t be wrong!

S Aaron — Google review

Happened upon this place and the location is superb, right on the water. You could literally swim or boat up to this restaurant. The quality of food wasn't quite on par with the price, but I suspect the location was the reason. The shrimp and fish were fresh but not as inventive with seasoning, garnishments, and presentation. Overall, solid but not completely unforgettable.

T Boynton — Google review

Amazing lunch by the water.The food was really great. Fish was very fresh and tasty. The foie gras was very good as well.The staff was very friendly as well. Really liked eating while looking at the fish and sharks.

Angel Canales — Google review

Great food with amazing views of the bay. Sharks come in at dusk and swim along the deck. Service is quick and friendly

Brittany Armstrong — Google review

The owner of our VRBO advised we should try this restaurant, so glad he did! Roger was exceptionally kind, service was fantastic... The aquatic "dinner show" was absolutely captivating!! So much sealife just beside you whole you eat! And then the food.... Delicious... I had filet w fois Gras & my sister enjoyed the Mahi & shrimp dumpling.... Just perfect.... Not a mystery why they've been there >40y

Jinny Gunn — Google review

We loved our dinner here. I had the Beef stew and my partner had the curry shrimps. Both dishes were great! What really made our night is seeing the nurse sharks and the sting rays swim while eating!

Angelica Alvarez — Google review

I ate dinner there back in 2010. The steaks we ordered were cooked to perfection. Nice little cozy atmosphere. The restaurant name I was told translates to Little Turtle.

Tim Schroh — Google review

The setting of this restaurant is spectacular for marine life watching, it is right next to the water and you can see sharks and rays under the light. Very cool!The food was decent but more basic than other places we tried in Moorea. Prices were very high for food and drinks. Come here for the marine atmosphere and you won’t be disappointed.

David McMillan — Google review

Is there an option for more than 5 stars?I never write reviews but Te Honu Iti was one of the coolest experiences of my life and certainly the coolest meal. Food is great- the shrimp with coconut curry was amazing. Service was too. But the real gem in terms of unique experience is the rays and sharks that swim up to the restaurant at night. My sister and I went down some steps to see the rays and sharks up close and they were incredibly social, putting on a total show for us and the other diners. After dinner, we went back to sit and watch the rays and sharks and the waitress brought over some fish to feed the sharks. It was something I never thought I would do and I’m so grateful for the experience on top of a good meal!

Megan Cohen — Google review

Meals were quite small and expensive. Some staff were not that friendly (waiter). I would recommend booking a table in advance, as there were hardly no tables available in the back section even on a weeknight.We were not that impressed with the meals/service, but the highlight was watching the sharks, stingrays, and fish gather together near the back steps of the restaurant, which was a very unique experience.

Lorz — Google review

This was one of our favorite restaurants during our summer ‘21 trip and remained so during this trip. The staff is warm and welcoming and the live entertainment of the sharks, stingrays, and manta rays makes dinner interesting.

Elizabeth Swindell — Google review

Food was good. Heavy use of the microwave. But flavors were spot on. We had the mahi dumplings, seared tuna, beef stew, and ravioli. We saw a couple sharks and one ray, which was cool.Our problem came at the time for the bill. Once they brought the check they informed us the credit card machine was broken. Luckily we had some cash for the taxi ride home. We looked up the exchange and gave all the cash we had which came out to be more than the check. The server (who was very nice) said her boss said we had to pay more. They wanted to use the island standard of 1 dollar to 100 francs and the actual conversion we would have paid with the card is .91 to 1 franc. So we were actually paying over the bill with the correct conversion.There was some back and forth with the boss, and he very reluctantly agreed to the total, which is good because we didn’t have any more cash since we weren’t planning on paying with cash.So make sure if you go, bring more cash than you think you will need. We were just disappointed that they made us feel like we were trying to cheat them, when we were, in fact, paying over the actual currency exchange, all because their equipment failed.

Erick Russell — Google review

The chef and owner himself came to pick us up at the Hilton! The food was incredible. Super French and super delicious. Best beef stew outside of France. The duck was a huge portion that tasted just as good as leftovers the next day. Get the bananas flambee!It's to die for. Would recommend!

Mike Favetta — Google review

During our 2-months-stay on Moorea we have been there several times - either for lunch or dinner. Food is of very high quality and prepared to perfection. The wine list is exquisite. For dessert tarte aux pommes is a must-have - it's fresh made (waiting time 15 minutes) and tastes wonderful. Besides the regular menu there are also fresh suggestions to select - they are excellent. Staff is very attentive and friendly and perfect english speaking. Overall the view from the terrace onto the bay is marvellous. In the evening you can watch sharks (nurse sharks and black tips) and stingrays passing by at the waterfront. We will definitely miss the restaurant Te Honu Iti when flying back to Europe end of November.

Monika Liebold — Google review

F5WJ+2F7, Moorea-Maiao, French Polynesia 87 79 29 98

12Manuia Grill

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (88)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (89)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (90)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (91)


(244)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (92)


(325)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (93)

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The Manuia Grill is a great place to enjoy Hawaiian barbecue and Polynesian cuisine. The food is excellent, the portions are good, and the prices are very reasonable. The restaurant is located across the street from Manava Resort, so it's perfect for tourists who want to try some great food without leaving the resort area.

Enjoyed dinner at this cute place across the street from Manava Resort. Way better food and pricing than offered at the hotel. So glad we found it and met the owners. Wonderful local family with great hospitality. Loved watching the surf channel too while having dinner. We had both the chicken and ribs with teriyaki sauce for reference.

Michelle Tarbush — Google review

The best meal I had on my 2 week trip to the French Polynesia! The food was delicious and reasonably priced, especially since one dish is easily enough food to share between 2 people. We got the ribs and they were cooked perfectly. Lovely service and overall fantastic meal. Highly recommend!

Mandy Mozel — Google review

We had dinner here after seeing the amazing reviews. We were very happy until the food arrived. We ordered the fish and beef skewers and the chicken with rice, green beans, and salad on the side. The plate was beautiful. The only problem is that all the meat was undercooked, even the chicken. The beef and fish were almost raw. I still gave this place 4 stars because the atmosphere is amazing, and the service is super friendly. Maybe we were unlucky with the food.

Carlos Moro — Google review

First experience and very positive experience.The waiting time was a bit long… but it deserve to wait. Everything was great, very well cooked and a lots of delicious flavor.Polynesian musique on the TV, very nice atmosphere.A place to go

Fred Gaby — Google review

Not a bad spot with similar dishes to elsewhere on the island. Must admit have had better although certainly does the trick. Huge serving sizes ! The staff here work at a slow & relaxing pace which we didn’t mind at all.

C W — Google review

This restaurant was conveniently directly across from our hotel (Manava) and the food was incredible! We had the steak and seafood kabobs and rice. The portions were so large I couldn't finish my meal.

Jayme Robinson — Google review

Great little place to stop! Music was excellent and so was the food.... So much food!! Did the 1 skewer w fish & shrimp & there was so much it made 2 meals. Staff was extremely friendly. Easy parking though we walked.

Jinny Gunn — Google review

Best dinner experience we had on the island! Much more affordable than the resorts and the food is stellar. Don’t miss out on the skewers - it can easily be a meal for 2 (or a meal for 1 really hungry post swim tourist lol)

Soham Sengupta — Google review

Relaxed and casual setting with generous food portions. We came here twice since we really enjoyed the food. There was live music which provided a lively ambience. The grilled steak was delicious with great flavor and cooked to perfection. The curry carpaccio coco was divine!

Ro DJ — Google review

Quite large portions and prices are about mid-range. Good value for money. Kebabs were amazing! Staff were friendly and welcoming. We visited this place twice during our stay in Moorea. This place gets very busy and is popular with the locals too!

Lorz — Google review

AMAZING! Favorite spot on the island. Delish variety of grilled meats & raw sashimi tahitian classics. I got the Manuia and my partner got the Grilled Chicken Thigh. Our friends got the carpaccio (a little oily) and the coconut sashimi, so fresh and delish.

Gabby McDaniel — Google review

Ate dinner twice here during our visit to Mo’orea- it was that good!I loved La Maniuia skewers so much I got it both times. My husband got fish of the night one night and the ceviche the second night. The ceviche was fantastic. Such great people and foodGet the teriyaki sauce- it’s so delicious!

Pearl Miran — Google review

We just had the best dinner of our vacation so far here! co*cktails: to die for and way better price than on the resort! Food: AMAZING. Order the ribs. Just don’t even wonder about the rest. We got the ribs and the steak but the ribs just absolutely stole the show. Atmosphere/service: so friendly! The servers were all great!

Amanda Polednik — Google review

I got the ribs with BBQ sauce and Tabu lemon beer - both were very good. If you're American you may expect more fatty meat but these ribs were lean which it turns out I prefer. The beer was light and refreshing during the hot afternoon as well.

K Patel — Google review

Great food, fun atmosphere, good service.Do yourself a favor, if you are staying at the Manava, make this your go to dinner spot. Very, very good skewers and grill options and better priced than the hotel restaurant.I recommend the beef skewers as they were my favorite. However, all the options I ate were very good. The drinks were also tasty 😎

Cory Robinson — Google review

Delicious fresh grilled fish and beef screwers! Great service too! Make a reservation to get good seats!

Grace — Google review

Pk 4,5, Maharepa 98728, French Polynesia+689 87 74 31 30

13Rotui Grill & Bar

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (94)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (95)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (96)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (97)


(103)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (98)


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Rotui Grill & Bar is a restaurant located at the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa in Papetoai, French Polynesia. The restaurant serves barbecue and Polynesian-inspired cuisine and has an outdoor seating area with views of the lagoon. There is also a full bar serving wine, beer and soft drinks as well as table service for diners. Wheelchair access is available and free wi-fi is available.

Great variety of island food. Clean location. Friendly service. Enjoyed entertainment!

Jonathan Reid — Google review

This is the bar and restaurant at the hotel. All the food I had was pretty good I didn’t have any complaints. What I really enjoyed was their desserts! I ordered a couple different desserts every night of our stay, and had it delivered to the room. Their desserts were amazing

Anthony Forhan — Google review

Amazing views. Quite windy on a December 15th 75 degree day. Just had drinks while we were here, but full menu available. Courtesy is not spared by the waiter.

Jon Vacha — Google review

Considering this is supposed to be a five-star resort, the food is OK. Drinks are anywhere between $20-$30 apiece. Beer and water anywhere from seven to $10 each and you’re looking at between $30-$50 for lunch. The food is OK. The fries always seem to be served cold, yuck. Just a very disappointing experience for what you’re paying. The staff however, is wonderful as is the atmosphere.

Greg Alford — Google review

Great place to relax after a day filled with local sights and culture. The food is great and desserts are enjoyable. Recommend to everyone who enjoys a good meal at the end of the day.

Luis F. — Google review

This restaurant is inside the Hilton. It’s right on the beach and appears clean. Have eaten there 3 times in a sense. Once on the beach via service, lunch, then dinner. The menu is the same for all meals.The menu seams expansive but lots of substitutions on their part. Flavor is a bit lacking. Prices on some things are a bit crazy. My wife ordered a glass of champagne. It was $26 for a 14ml pour which is about 3/4” on the bottom of a small plastic cup. Not appealing and makes it about 48 pours per bottle. That makes the 750 ml bottle get about 45 pours at 14ml per pour. That means that bottle is over $1000. A bit extreme and the last order of that.Starters were good but nothing exceptional. I ordered a seared tuna. The server brought a plate and said who has the swordfish. I said I ordered the tuna and he replied “ oh this is the tuna.” It was swordfish for sure. We saw a few pasta dishes and pizza. They looked ok but neither in a style we like. I didn’t expect this but had a burger for lunch. Other than a lot of aïoli it was a really good burger. My fife and I could have split it but she ordered a chicken club sandwich that was ok due to the bacon being very chewy.I have critiqued the food a bit and I think I should. Now I want to comment on the staff. ALL are great. They carry a smile in all they do and want to be of good service. I would say the staff is the highlight of this location.We would never go out of our way to come back but tough with few options at this location.

David Molner — Google review

Delicious food. But overpriced by starving Hilton corporate office.Amazing location by the beachfront.$6.5 for co*ke. It’s painful to discuss the price on the menu. Catch your fish in the lagoon. Eat it raw or grill it in your bungalow.

Manhattan Logistics Group, Inc — Google review

The only good part of this bar, was that it closed up half way through our stay. Only two beers on tap for Happy Hour, and they were still over priced. It was, by far the SADDEST happy hour I have even seen. One more reason to not stay at the Hilton Moorea. And not a shark to be seen, contrary to every picture that is posted about the bar.

Marjorie Howatt — Google review

Delicious food, big portions, and great staff and service. Right by the beach with beautiful scenery!

Le — Google review

Hotel restaurant was great! Food was fantastic, and overlooking the beach and lagoon for a great view for lunch!

Rich Desir — Google review

Out of the hotel restaurants I tried (Hilton and Sofitel) this is the best "return of investment", the one that's worth what you're paying. Not too pricey, big portion, and good simple food. We had the cesar salad, burgers, and 2 different pastas (bolognese for me, shrimp and cream for my husband). Good portions, good to very good food.

May Bresler Herzog — Google review

G584+47C, Mo'orea, BP 1005, Moorea-Maiao 98729, French Polynesia


The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (100)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (101)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (102)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (103)


(144)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (104)


(181)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (105)

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Le No Stress is a great place to get seafood and co*cktails in Moorea. The food is exquisite and the service is excellent. The restaurant has a great atmosphere and the portions are large.

We loved our dinner at Le No Stress. The food was excellent (shout out Curry Coconut Prawn Risotto) and service even better. We will only be in town for a couple of days but will consider coming back for a second stint as there were other dishes in the menu that looked promising:: Grilled Squid I am looking at you!

Jordi Covas — Google review

If you love seafood, you will enjoy your visit to Le No Stress! There are 7 tables out on the front porch and several more tucked way inside. We came here for lunch and tried a mix of seafood. My wife ordered the Daily Fish with Vanilla Sauce and Mashed Pumpkin - absolutely delicious! I ordered the Thon Ahi Poke as I was in the mood for fresh raw tuna, vegetables, and fruit. This dish was fresh, good, and good for you!

Hans Kraeger — Google review

Delicious seafood!! We were very excited to arrive here and find that their seafood options were more expansive than shrimp and fish. I ordered the clams on their specials of the day menu. The clams were fantastic! They were served in this wonderful broth and cooked well. My husband ordered the octopus. The octopus was amazing. Very well cooked and well seasoned. This dish is a must order. Highly recommend this for one of your meals

Kassandra Solsrud — Google review

Great seafood and co*cktail options, worth trying out while you’re in Moorea

Amit Adalti — Google review

We had lunch here for the first time and were so impressed with the tasty Thai beef salad and Tuna poke bowl that we came back for supper ! The trio of fish was delicious. I enjoyed the ginger and lime co*cktail and then we shared the assorted 4 pudding and biscuits which were also very enjoyable. Great to try different puddings rather one big one. Service was very attentive and welcoming. The restaurant was spotless and the decor was lovely .We may end up there tomorrow!! We would highly recommend .

D M — Google review

Out of ~15 Poisson Crus I tried while on Tahiti and Moorea, this was hands down the best. Something about it made it so distinct from the others… fresher, meatier pieces of tuna, more creamy coconut milk… it was superb. Honorable mention to their tuna carpaccio with passion fruit and ginger. Delicious!

Allie Joan — Google review

We discovered this place as we were driving around the island and wow did we get lucky!We arrived before they were officially open, but Stella seated us and got us started with drinks and the menu, as the owner and staff finished their “family” brunch together.We chose the seafood trio (seared tuna, mahi, and shrimp) and tuna carpaccio. My wife got a rum drink and I got a Bordeaux.The food was amazing…. I discovered the taste of true paprika, which flavored my wife’s carpaccio to perfection. My shrimp were perfectly prepared with garlic, parsley, olive oil etc. Similar to what I have enjoyed recently in Barcelona. The mahi was cooked to perfection, and the seared tuna was impeccable.Amazing staff, dedicated to the restaurant and very caring for the customer.Now off to the beach to sleep it off.

Rob Hill — Google review

Excellent fresh food, wonderful setting with outdoor patio. The poke bowls were delightful. Thanks for the delicious lunch!

Nicolas — Google review

Really good food, fresh taste and the co*cktails were tasty as well. Went for lunch and they were nice to serve us even though it was almost closing.Looked great as well, very Tahintian.

Radu Acsinia — Google review

Tried the grilled lobster here. It was so delicious, so tender.And the staff was really friendly and helpful.

Christian Roussel — Google review

Best meals in Moorea are in Le No Stress. We are 6 people, we ordered a variety of dishes and desserts and everything was excellent. The restaurant is run by French family who used to own several restaurants in France. So it feels like you are eating in France. Exquisite, good flavors, beautiful presentation, Aldo good size portions. Our fave: trois mers, magret de canard, Crème Brûlée.

Yulia Iskandar — Google review

G33P+4X4, Moorea, French Polynesia…

+689 40 56 45 10

15Casa Vincenzo Moorea

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (106)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (107)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (108)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (109)


(283)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (110)


(84)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (111)

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Pizza restaurant

Pizza Takeout

Casa Vincenzo offers delicious Italian pizza in a charming setting on Moorea. The staff are friendly and the pizzas are excellent. This is an ideal place to enjoy a casual meal with friends.

One of the best pizzas we’ve ever had - did not expect to find this on Moorea! Fast and friendly service. 10/10 would recommend

Sara Mohseni — Google review

Best pizza in Moorea! We went back a few times as it was so delicious and very close to Napoli pizza! Pasta dish was also pretty great!

Laura Remus — Google review

DON’T ORDER LASAGNA - We had a great pizza on our first visit to Casa Vincenzo Pizzeria. Unfortunately, on our second visit, we couldn't order pizza because we hadn't booked ahead (this is weird as it's a pizzeria after all!).So, we started with good arancini, but the lasagna was a big disappointment. It had way too much anise and eggplant (not mentioned in the menu), making it inedible for me. To top it off, the staff completely ignored us for an entire hour, walking by without even acknowledging us. The service was terrible.

Bruno Zapata — Google review

The service here is absolutely great, so keep doing it like that!They pick you up and give you a ride back to your hotel.So we started with shrimp dumplings that came with a ginger sauce, it was delicious!For mains we had tuna with sliced potatoes, gravy and some steamed vegetables, again finger licking! But the other main could've been a bit better, it was shrimp ravioli with the restaurant's special sauce, the shrimps wasn't seasoned so it was lacking flavour, also the pasta itself was a bit cold. So in my opinion there's room for improvement here.Dessert was amazing, that creme brule was gorgeous!It's a bit overpriced but when you take into account the service, the quality of the food and that you're in moorea, it does worth every single penny.Keep doing such a great job guys!!

Dagoberto M?ndez Casas-cordero — Google review

What an INCREDIBLE place! Ambiance 10/10. Food 10/10. Authenticity 10/10. Service 10/10. Simply amazing. One of the best pizzas I’ve EVER had (and I lived in Italy for 6 months!) Great wine. Great prices. Simply a must visit when in Moorea. Loved it. We will be back.

Wander Lust — Google review

Amazing atmosphere, pizza was so wonderful and the staff was so friendly and awesome to have conversations with. Tried her hardest to help us with French and we in return taught her some English. The entire experience was amazing! Don’t read the poor reviews, horrible tourist with poor taste!This place is a 5 star all around

Jennifer Monsen — Google review

Good pizzas, nice atmosphere and a killer pavlova

Morten H S — Google review

Incroyable! Pizza really rich, fresh and fantastic, original Neapolitan Pizza in Moorea with very friendly service! The pavlova at the end the Cherry on top :)

Felix — Google review

Food is good but attitude can be better. We came without reservation and they said they ran out of pizza… so we could not order pizza any more. But 25 people who came after us ordered pizza. That’s horrible! Pour service!Margarita is $22 and it tastes bad! Don’t order their co*cktails. I am sure wine by bottle could be good.I would never let French run an Italian restaurant…

Larisa Luciana — Google review

BEST PIZZA WEST OF ITALY! 😍 We came twice and only wish I had more days to eat each pizza on the menu! We loved our burrata, and Napolitana (added arugula). I just wanted to eat everything! Lasagna and pasta looked good too. Desserts excellent! Staff are wonderful, friendly + attentive 💕

Sara Star — Google review

MUST GO! We had pizza and pasta. Both were incredible. The pasta with creamy mushrooms, white truffle oil and parmesan is highly recommended. Make sure to check out the pizza oven. It’s from Italy and can bake a pizza in minutes.We sat indoors (open air) but there is a nice outdoor seating area. Wear bug repellant when eating outdoors at night on the island.The pizza is authentic Naples Italy style pizza. This means cut it yourself. They have a board of nightly specials (written in French) Only open for dinner.My only complaint is they charged us $1.00 for a to go box for my truffle oil pasta and put it in a cardboard pizza box! My truffle oil was saturating into the cardboard within minutes! Yikes!

BLS — Google review

This was a phenomenal experience, the food was excellent but the staff made our trip very memorable and fun. Great place to celebrate a birthday or special event. It gets quite busy, even during low season. I recommend making a reservation. Come early if you want pizza as they sell out. They have vegan options as well.

Alexander Haley — Google review

Great pizza!!! They have an imported Italian pizza oven which leads to amazing cook on the pizza. The dough is great. They have a great selection of pizzas. We ordered the Burrata and the Margherita. The burrata was fabulous! Both the pizza and the cheese. I would recommend coming here. Make sure you make a reservation!! It is very popular

Kassandra Solsrud — Google review

Very good pizza! Great service and a nice settling. We sat in the garden and I’d recommend that (unless it is raining). Well priced for a good meal and makes great leftovers. They fill up so go early or call to reserve.

Heidi Fisher — Google review

We came here at opening time without a booking and were lucky to get a table. It was one of the best pizza we’ve ever had, definitely worth the price!!! 😍🍕

not_onken — Google review

Pk 27, domaine Tiahura côté mer Haapiti Moorea, 98728, French Polynesia 87 74 64 64

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (112)

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The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (113)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (114)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (115)

16Taoahere Beach House Snack

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (116)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (117)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (118)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (119)


(126)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (120)


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This local restaurant dishes up some of the best food and value in Tahiti. The menu features a variety of delicious seafood dishes, as well as chicken and meat options. Both the fish sandwich and chicken sandwich are favourites, but be sure to also try the green beans! The view from the restaurant is beautiful and the service is friendly and efficient.

The fish sandwich and chicken sandwich were so good. I loved the green beans too. Beautiful view and the team at the restaurant were very nice. Highly recommend

E-Beth Sokolowski — Google review

We go to this restaurant every time we come to Mo'orea. We first came here 3 years ago and the restaurant has really improved. They also have the same menu as 3 years ago, but the flavors are so good!FoodMy favorite dish is the shrimp curry. It is really fresh and served at the perfect temperature on a hot day.ServiceStaff treats you like family and creates a very welcome atmosphere. Their hospitality feels genuine, and they make sure you are well taken care of.ArmosphereThe restaurant sits right on the beach, so you you a calming breeze coming from the ocean. Unlike a lot of the restaurants in the area, we didn't have a problem with any bugs or mosquitos, so the experience is always a nice break.

Kristi Liu — Google review

Restaurant at the water/beach - you can’t have a better venue. We had lunch there and food was good, full bar, 3-4 beers on tap. They close at 2 PM (April 2024) for lunch and reopen 5 or 5:30 for dinner.

Byron Pipkin — Google review

Only got to enjoy this delicious food once because of 2 week Covid lockdown that started during my vacation in late August. The poisson cru was my favorite I had during my vacation. The portion size was larger than I was expecting, pictures don’t do it justice. Great prices for the amount of food you get. Fast and friendly service.

Kat and Isaac Adventures — Google review

Solid lunch spot. Would recommended. Nice ocean front tables. Had the fish burger and fries, which were delicious. Hinano beer on tap. Takes credit cards.

Brian Cummins — Google review

Nice place with nice food and great service. We took the local dish of raw tuna in coconut milk and another dish of fried swordfish. There both were delicious.

Hadar Simon — Google review

Can’t rate the food… went just after 8 pm and was told the kitchen closed at 8 pm on a Saturday. So bummed we traveled there to be turned away. Would love to go back and try for a sunset dinner since it looks like a neat place!

Rachel Katzberg — Google review

A bit hard to find but WOW, such a gem. Stunning gardens entry, lots of seating areas to choose from for dining waterfront, garden, bar, balcony, raised, sunken... And service is exceptional to meet all your needs. Great live music, stunning sunset, feed the fish from your table, excellent wood fire pizza.

Beverly Mason — Google review

This restaurant has a great view and wonderful food! We had the Swordfish and it was excellent!

melisa hier — Google review

Hidden gems only known from the locals. It's on the ocean, spacious and at the time we went there it was quiet even if the place was almost full. The food was great. I enjoyed the smoked chicken.

Stephanie Tramicheck — Google review

Excellent food, great atmosphere, fantastic entertainment! Plus an amazing view. Very glad we spent our first night in Moorea here. Thank you for a wonderful evening! The curry prawns and grilled sirloin steak, with a local beer, plus a takeaway pizza for later!

Anastasia Hunter — Google review

I ate here twice, and both the swordfish and poisson cru were delicious. I also tried the happy hour co*cktails, which are excellent on a hot evening after a day hike. Kudos to the staff - great food and service.

renee schaefer — Google review

Beautiful hidden gem right on the lagoon. The smoked chicken salad was delicious. The poisson cru Chinese style had way too much dressing/sauce but the flavor and quality of the fish were good, had carrots and cucumber and lettuce but was drenched in a oily vinaigrette like sauce.The $20 passion fruit mojito was delicious, and way better than our Sofitel $20 co*cktails.Saw the fried/breaded fish at another table and wished we had ordered it. It was a huge serving.We’d definitely go back if we had more time.Takes credit card!

Hannah Wells — Google review

Moorea-Maiao, French Polynesia 89 48 04 80

17Fish Market and Snack AUTEA

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (122)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (123)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (124)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (125)


(88)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (126)


(41)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (127)

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Seafood restaurant

Poissonnerie et snack AUTEA is a small, friendly restaurant in Haapiti, French Polynesia that specializes in fresh local fish. They have cheese burgers and steaks as well as different tuna preparations. The staff are friendly and the atmosphere relaxed.

Friendly place to go for very good local fish. Poissson cru was very good. Would love to try all the other preparations of tuna too!

Peng Leong — Google review

My wife and I have eaten here three times so far and we have another week on the island! We loved the home made samosas, we have had the shrimp, the raw tuna and the Mowi Mowi steak all great. Lovely people reasonable prices.

Don George — Google review

Good little hole in the wall. They gave us a ride home after as well. Kind people. Mahi Mahi is great. They have cheese burgers and steaks. Friend loved the Tuna!

Manuel Salazar — Google review

Very tasty dishes especially the fish trio (sashimi, carpaccio and tartare). The coconut was very good.The lady owner is super friendly.Thanks again!

Maciek & Kasia Platek — Google review

Fun, local spot that was recommended to us by our Hertz agent Sami. We tried the spring rolls, local shrimp with curry sauce, and poisson de cru. All were great. Fun cozy setting.

Darren Spicer — Google review

Hugo — Google review

An absolute must if you are in Moorea! We ate here often, great value and so friendly - especially helpful with recommendations (not that you could go wrong). All the fish is caught by the husband of the wife who runs the kitchen.

Bjorn Battaerd — Google review

We had Tuna Steak with fries and pepper sauce. We went here twice and it was both times delicious. It’s the best food we had in our entire time on Moorea!

Emily Schön — Google review

Nice and cozy place in Moorea, food and service were great, we went twice, first time I ordered the Mahi Mahi and the next time I ordered the Carpaccio, we also got the nems. Fish is fresh every day. Desserts are also fantastic. Great value for your money too!!

Maricel Quesada Jara — Google review

We had an amazing time here. Great authentic food and I loved the local vibe.Loved it so much I went twice.The carpaccio with rice was delicious and it pairs really well with a blonde Hinano.We had a 5-year-old in our group and the chicken and fries was a hit.They also had great desserts, I had the profiteroles and they were delicious.

Carlos Zuniga — Google review

Delicious fresh seafood! We tried the Poisson Cru, Trio (Carpaccio, Sashimi, Poke) and Samosas and everything was fantastic! I am still dreaming of the trio plate.. it was my favorite dish of the trip. Go here for a no-frills, delicious fresh seafood dinner. I believe it was cash only.

Nicole Young — Google review

Great place to buy or eat fresh fish! For dinner we had the Trio of Tuna (all raw) and the fresh grilled kebab with Tuna. It was fantastic!!! You can also buy fresh fish here to take away. Owners are super friendly. Highly recommend!!

Michelle Hayes — Google review

This place is amazing! If you’re staying at the Villa Moana, it is within a 3 minute walk. The fish is freshly caught, and we watched the fisherman come into the restaurant, filet it, and then they cooked it in front of us for our grilled tuna, and then put the raw tuna in our cru coco. The staff is extremely friendly, the locals were welcoming, and the food is delicious. This may be our most favourite place we have eaten on Moorea and we highly recommend it!Or if you prefer to not dine in, you can always buy a fish for $10USD or 1.000 XPF. That is for the skipjack tuna the fisherman caught today. It was marvellous and the staff is absolutely wonderful!

Tanner Stepp — Google review

C585+4XH, Unnamed Road, Moorea-Maiao, French Polynesia+689 89 76 90 40

18Les Tipaniers

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (128)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (129)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (130)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (131)


(73)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (132)

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The beach bar restaurant is fantastic: warm welcoming and amazingly friendly service all the way, co*cktails were great, and food was served promptly.Tried raw tuna Tahitian style for the first time and it was surprising: melty and soft. The swordfish was perfectly cooked: grilled on the outside but not dry inside.We had a Po’e as dessert: it is some sort of local pudding in Coco milk, very tasty and subtle.Caution: it seems that some reviews are for the main hotel restaurant on the road side: they are different!

Mehdi AMINI — Google review

Mediocre. The beach bar has a great setting: but closes in the evening. The included breakfast is poor: pastries taste stale. The restaurant in the evening is uninspiring. The rooms poorly designed. The bathroom door is obstructed by the towel rail. The hangers are fixed to the rail which makes it virtually impossible to hang anything up.We had booked a beachside bungalow: and initially got a room right at the back next to the toilet block.You also have to carry cash or cards - as you can’t charge drinks and extras to the room. Would’ recommend.

Paul Chanin — Google review

Amazing view by a gorgeous beach but that’s about it. We ordered the fish burger and found all the ingredients were skimpy; or perhaps the bun was oversized 🤪. Service was rushed; we were asked at least three times in the middle of our meal if our plates could be taken away.

Minna Suh — Google review

This is just a review of the restaurant. Food was simple and fresh. Service was quick. We got in without a reservation but the place filled up quickly after we arrived (about 645pm). Our server was quirky and made us laugh.

Garrett Mattos — Google review

The setting for the restaurant is one of the loveliest in the world. Beautiful blue water and a stunning array of tropical fish. The food was not as amazing as the view - although overall we had a great experience. The trio of raw fish dishes was amazing and the chicken salad was tasty. Service was competent. The beach made it an outstanding day.

Moira Fraser — Google review

The guard was helpful when I asked him if I could access the beach to launch my kite. He informed me the beach was for guest of the hotel only, and directed me to a public beach nearby.

Jonathan Korteweg — Google review

Beautiful location and the drink way okay-ish.It costs 1500 Franc per person to enter but that includes a drink at the bar which cost 1200 anyway.When we arrived at the gate, we told the guard we were there for the bar. He didn't seem to know, or at least want to allow, non hotel guests in. (there is a parking lot specifically for day visitors though🙄)He said we had to go to reception. So we did and told them our intentions. The lady said that they are fully booked and would "have to sit on the beach with your drinks". That is why people go there.They didn't seem like they wanted business.

Michael van Buskirk — Google review

Great food overall. The lamb was excellent. The fish of the day was also great. My wife got the ravioli (twice) and highly recommends it as a vegetarian option.

jacob25119 — Google review

PK 26, Moorea-Maiao, French Polynesia…

+689 40 56 12 67


The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (133)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (134)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (135)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (136)


(80)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (137)


(1181)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (138)


Located by the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa, TOATEA CRÊPERIE & BAR is a French restaurant serving vegetarian and vegan cuisine as well as gluten-free options. Offering outdoor seating and a full bar, TOATEA CRÊPERIE & BAR is perfect for a relaxing night out with friends.

Recently came here for supper. Food was fresh and exceptionally great! Service was excellent! If you are not guests of the hotel, then its a short walk to the restrooms.The ambiance is one if a kind because its right on the pier and you can watch all sorts of fishes.Very cool!

Jean-Francois LeBlanc — Google review

Refused us crepes at 9pm because "the last crepes are served at 8:30pm". This photo was taken at 9:03pm - they were clearly still making crepes... They turned down paying customers for no reason at all.

Ben Kamber — Google review

Beautiful location, loved watching the fish, sharks and sting rays with lights to show underwater.However there were some things that could be better1) The food was OK to good, but not amazing, especially for the price.2) The service is slow, and I am pretty sure they forgot about us at one point.3) Booking in was interesting, as we weren’t staying at the Hilton we were treated in a less than amicable manner.Overall worth visiting for the surroundings but don’t expect a fine dinning.

Toni Skinner — Google review

The hours posted as 0600-2130, 7 days a week are not correct… we wasted our time driving here at 230pm only to be told by front desk staff that it opens for dinner.Call them first, as it doesn’t seem they’re interested in updating the business listing operating hours.Helpful hint - - -CALL FOR A RESERVATION - - -They won’t tell you that you need a reservation until you walk up to the hotel gate where they turn you away! (2nd attempt to visit March 8, 2022)As of now, I wouldn’t eat here if it were giving away food and it was the last food on earth!Customer service is horrible, and I never got to a table!!! COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!If you want a crepe I’d suggest going to Le Motu Creperie and Pizzeria! (A pizza delivery at the gate of Toatea influenced our decision to visit Le Motu….. excellent service/food at Le Motu!!!)

Heath Roody — Google review

My wife makes way better crepes at home. Watching sharks and marine life while dining is awesome experience. But the food is a pass. I will have my crepes at home.

Manhattan Logistics Group, Inc — Google review

Delicious crepes with best marine life viewing area in house! We saw so many black tip sharks and stingrays during dinner. Amazing place to chill out at night.

Trista Wang — Google review

If you’re staying on Moorea and want to experience the “overwater bungalows” without staying at one, this is the best place to have dinner.You’ll have the opportunity to dine directly over the water and see fish and sharks at night (it’s lit up). I recommend making a reservation, even in the low season, they saved an amazing table for us. Seating is limited if it rains.The food was okay, they do make the crepes fresh but they were not super memorable to us. Service was friendly and more American style.

Alexander Haley — Google review

We make crepes a lot at our home, and these were quite tasty. The dessert crepes were amazing. They also can make gluten free crepes and took extra precaution for “allergy” needs.

Katie Tobler Bryant — Google review

I have no doubts that crapes tastes great but hear me out why I think you want to dine in a different place. We’ve made a reservation in advance but when we showed all tables were busy and we were offered seats at the bar, after some arguments we were ushered to the side table with the plastic seats they had to get somewhere to get us seated. 35 min of waiting and no one stopped at our table so we just walked out and had an amazing dinner at the statehouse, 15 min drive, great views and excellent service. Don’t waist your time and just stop by in the evening to watch the fish but dine where you are appreciated as a customer.

alex dmitrishin — Google review

There are much better places to watch fish, rays and reef sharks while eating! Try Snack Mahana in Moorea, Coco Beach in Moorea, or La Plage de Maui in Tahiti Iti instead.We were seated at an outer table near a guest bungalow with no lighting over the water so our view was very dark. The inner tables were much brighter. We happened to see one eagle ray as we were approaching our seats but then absolutely NO wildlife during dinner. I kept looking down throughout dinner but besides the fact that it was very dark in the water, it did not appear that anything swam past or under us. I realize you can't control wildlife but our experience was nothing like previous reviews.It was also a very windy evening and everyone's plastic menus kept blowing into the ocean. The staff kept blaming customers for losing the menus instead of proactively anchoring the menus! To their credit, they did offer us to move tables to something in the covered area beside the kitchen. This restaurant only opens after sunset so it is naturally very dark if you are not in the inner part of the restaurant.There is a beer happy hour here from 4 to 5 p.m. before sunset.Food and drink were as expected. Our airbnb host made a reservation for us here upon request. We did not stay overnight at the Hilton, but the one thing we do recommend is happy hour drinks on the main bar deck at the hotel facing the sunset. This was however a nice experience to be able to see the property from the perspective of the overwater pontoon.I ate the Papy Claude duck pear Roquefort crepe with a glass of Brut cider. The Roquefort was overpowering.I'm a Hilton Honors member. But I would recommend leaving this property for lunch and dinner whenever possible to experience the real Tahitian food and culture!

Genevieve Anderson — Google review

This restaurant is on Hilton property. Hours are sporadic and they relocate due to weather. It is located on the pier center between overwater bungalows.Our group thought it strange to make a crepe place a dinner spot. There are only two dinner choices a night at the Hilton. They rotate between three locations and when wind or rain is expected they relocate to the buffet area.I have posted the menu to allow to make a choice if it is right for you. Location is cool at night. It is indoor/outdoor. Mostly outdoor. Most seats are near an edge and often black tip shark are swimming below. The night we had reservations, it relocated to the inside buffet area. As such none of our group could order a fish crepe so we ordered off the other outdoor relocated restaurant menu. It sounds better but not so much. But better than fish in a crepe.After dinner off the other menu we tried dessert crepes. They just didn’t do it for us. We tried the Normandy, Suzette and Bounty between 6 of us. We didn’t finish one. They may be for some and my wife loves crepes, but these did not do it for us.With limited food choices here it’s hard to avoid when you stay for a week. I have read so many other reviews about eating off property and I would have to agree. It may cost more but it tastes better. I also enjoy being out with the locals.In closing my review is on the down side but I must say the staff at this restaurant are pleasant, helpful and always have a smile. They are what make this location.

David Molner — Google review

If you have to eat at the Hilton, which you have too, lol this is the place to eat. Great French crêpes, savory and dessert. And the best thing about this is you overlooking the lagoon and there’s anywhere from 6 to 10 sharks and various fish that entertain you during dinner. Like no other dining spot on the planet. 10 times better than the other restaurant Raitoui?

Greg Alford — Google review

Fantastic crepes and ideal setting overlooking the beach. Live traditional Tahitian show as well during dinner. Need to staff a few more people but great experience overall!

Darren Spicer — Google review

Was recommended to try out the crepe by hotel staff. Food was ok but the view of wildlife was amazing.

ACHL — Google review

Really delicious crepes! We loved the savory and the sweet ones we got. Also such a cool venue on top of the water with fish and sharks swimming all around below you!

Laura Pearson — Google review

20Lilikoi Garden Cafe

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (139)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (140)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (141)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (142)


(91)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (143)


(419)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (144)


Lilikoi Garden Cafe is a vegan restaurant in Papetoai with amazing food and original recipes. It's about 5-10 minute walk to the Hilton Lagoon Resort, with original recipes that can be made vegan or vegetarian. This restaurant is also wheelchair accessible and has free wifi.

Just a 5min walk from the Hilton and ooohhh so worth it!! EXCELLENT meals! Great value. One of the best meals of our stay!!

Marjorie Howatt — Google review

We really wanted to like this place because it was a super charming locale and the owner/staff were nice and friendly however the food was very disappointing. I got the tuna poke and it was not fresh, in fact it was half frozen and half cooked which means it was frozen and microwaved to thaw unevenly. The fish was not very vibrant and cut poorly with a lot of gristle. The chicken teriyaki was similarly microwaved and overall bland. Both came with rice & salad, which was ok, but also included a brown avocado garnish which was pretty unappetizing. Perhaps it was an off day because most of the other reviews are positive but unfortunately it was probably the worst meal we had on the island. Too bad!

Petrina W — Google review

Love this cute little place! Food was great and so was the sweet owner. This is in walking distance from the Hilton resort. Note they only take cash. 😊

Summer Marker — Google review

We loved our lunch at Lilikoi! If you are staying at the Hilton, I would definitely recommend ditching the Hilton’s overpriced mediocre food and strolling over to Lilikoi for lunch instead. The food was top notch- especially the tuna poke bowl. The setting is quaint and cozy, family owned. Note that they accept cash only.

Drew — Google review

I really love this place. I ate the eggplant and pineapple curry and it was really amazing. My boyfriend had the tuna and loved it as well. You must try the desert with pineapples and rosemary! It is a really cute cafe with a really nice women.

Tara — Google review

Unbelievable lunch at such a cute spot! The staff was so friendly and welcoming. Get the shrimp curry, the sauce was to die for and the best rice on the island.

Erica Lorin — Google review

Best chicken curry I’ve had! It was so flavorful, so fresh! It was amazing! It’s a must to go here!

Katie Tobler Bryant — Google review

A short walk from the Hilton for some incredible food. Highly recommend the curry and the poke bowl. The juice of the day was also great. And there is also a super cute puppy for you to play with.

Jim M — Google review

Amazing lunch spot on Mo'orea! The food is incredibly fresh and prepared when you order. The spot is lovely, and we enjoyed the breeze while we ate. I thoroughly enjoyed their plant-based options, especially the ones with pineapple, and my husband absolutely loved their tuna (he said it was in his top 3 tuna of all time). The service is great, with very friendly staff that can speak a variety of languages.

Katherine Arnall — Google review

We were staying at Hilton Moorea so getting to Lilikoi was an easy quick walk across the street. We absolutely loved everything we ordered! We had fresh juice, tuna sashimi, poisson cru, and maybe our favorite.. biscoff and passion fruit tiramisu. My husband said the poisson cru was some of the best he had our two weeks in French Polynesia. The owners were friendly and were walking around talking to customers. We’re bummed we didn’t have enough time to go back for a second meal!

Jennifer Lazzaro Port — Google review

Pihaena PK15 Papeotai, French Polynesia 89 65 61 81

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The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (145)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (146)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (147)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (148)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (149)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (150)

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21Restaurant Arii

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (152)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (153)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (154)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (155)


(29)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (156)


(277)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (157)

Chinese restaurant

A restaurant with stunning views and delicious food, Arii Vahine is a great place to enjoy seafood, barbecue, and French cuisine. It's also beautiful in rainy weather, making it the perfect spot to stop for a meal.

Had the beef and broccoli and the chicken fried rice. I come from a place with a lot of delicious Chinese food and this place was very good.

Jack Bonnington — Google review

We ate here twice during our 5-day stay on Moorea. It was delicious, the prices are better then some other restaurants, it was a pleasant experience, the staff was very nice and accommodating. The first night, we ate poisson cru au lait de coco, poulet au citron (fried chicken with lemon glaze) and moelleux au chocolat (chocolate lava cake). The next time we ate there, we had poisson cru au lait de coco, sashimi, and maatinito with chicken. We will eat here again next time we come!

Bethany Tripp — Google review

We loved it and we're pleasantly surprised on how good everything tasted. We had enough for a second meal of leftovers...

Stephan Reckie — Google review

Great place with very good Thai and other Asian inspired dishes.

Russ Penlington — Google review

Very friendly staff. Our French is very limited and their English is too, but with the help of google translate we were able to order without any problems. The portions were generous and the pricing reasonable. We actually saved half of our meal to take back to the hotel for the next day. The food was pretty good, but not 5 star worthy. We will probably go back while we are here since it’s close to our hotel and the food was good

Jessica Ashurst — Google review

They serve typical local chinese food and the dishes are really good. The portions are plenty as well. Try the 'poulet citron' which is breaded pieces of chicken with a lemon sauce on the side. If u feel adventurous you can try the tofu with salty fish, i love it but the taste can be surprising when you are not used to it. Prices are right as they average 1500xpf especially for the amount of food you get in a dish.

Kelvin Fl — Google review

Big portions, good prices. Stopped during a downpour. Wife and I split one meal, plenty to go around and it was tasty (Chicken chow mein).

Chris LeJeune — Google review

Very good food! Very generous portion and nice owner :)

Kathy Chang — Google review

The food was wonderful and fresh. Big portions too.

Laura — Google review

Moorea-Maiao, French Polynesia 40 56 39 98

22Green Pearl Restaurant

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (158)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (159)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (160)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (161)


(38)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (162)


(33)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (163)


After golfing we had today lunch with a perfect view towards the course. Staff was very friendly, fast and perfect english speaking. Food was of best quality as well as taste was excellent. And co*cktail was served decorated with fresh flowers from the garden. We love it.

Monika Liebold — Google review

This place was a delicious and beautiful place to eat!!! I would recommend coming here for a delicious meal and great view. I give it four stars rather than 5 because the service was challenging. We ended up eating four courses rather than two because of the way the orders were taken. They were also out of many key menu items. The Caesar salad is so good! The chicken burger was delicious. The pumpkin hummus was very heavy on pumpkin. The assortment of fresh cheeses was also great.

Kassandra Solsrud — Google review

Food is decent at a good price for the area. Service pretty standoffish and lackluster. Longgggg wait times for food.

Sam Esson — Google review

(Translated by Google) Top notch service. Copious plates but overall bland. On the other hand, absolutely delicious dessert 😋. The furniture would benefit from being renovated and the walls under the windows cleaned...(Original)Service au top. Assiettes copieuses mais globalement fades. Par contre dessert absolument délicieux 😋. Le mobilier gagnerait à être rénové et les murs sous les fenêtres nettoyés...

Frédérique Bera — Google review

(Translated by Google) Pleasant setting at the edge of the golf course!Quality restaurant, very generous portions!Very good burger.Large parking lot in front of the restaurant.Very nice wine listWhat’s a shame is that the dishes are less refined than before!(Original)Cadre agréable au bord du golf!Restaurant de qualité, portions très généreuses!Très bon burger.Grand parking pour se garer devant le restaurant.Très belle carte des vinsCe qui est dommage c’est que les plats sont moins raffinés qu’avant !

Marine L — Google review

(Translated by Google) Restaurant with a very pleasant setting, quality service, very professional fast, view of the 9th holeThe dishes quite varied, the choice of drinks of a high standard.In short, a restaurant like you often find in golf courses in Europe.Price-wise it remains very reasonable.(Original)Restaurant au cadre très agréable, service de qualité, rapide très pro, vue sur le 9eme trouLes plats assez variés, le choix de boissons de haut niveau.Bref un restaurant comme on en trouve souvent dans les golfs en Europe.Côté prix cela reste très raisonnable.

gg sam — Google review

(Translated by Google) Very beautiful setting, excellent dishes from starter to dessert, co*cktails also alcoholic or not, very helpful attentive staff.Very good address that we tried as a family, I recommend.(Original)Très beau cadre, plats excellents de l'entrée au dessert, les co*cktail aussi alcoolisés ou non, personnel à l'écoute très serviable.Très bonne adresse qu'on a testé en famille, je recommande.

Ananas — Google review

(Translated by Google) We spent the evening of New Year's Eve on the 31st, neither the quality of the cuisine nor the service was up to the excessive price, incipid dishes without overcooked taste...Congratulations all the same to the jazz group who showed tenacityDamage …(Original)Nous avons passé la soirée du réveillon du 31 ni la qualité de la cuisine ni le service n’était à la hauteur du prix excessif , plats incipides sans goût trop cuit …Bravo tout de même au groupe de jazz qui a fait preuve preuve de ténacitéDommage …

CLAIRE TROULLIER — Google review

Motu Temae, temae 98728, French Polynesia 89 56 26 70

23Tama Hau Opunohu's Bay

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (164)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (165)

The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (166)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (167)


(43)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (168)


(13)The 23 best restaurants to have dinner in Papetoai (169)


Best service I’ve had in Tahiti, Woody the guy on guitar completely made the night. The food here is second to none, absolute A+. Truly a new gem on Moorea, I’ve done it all & this is a must ! Could go on forever.

C W — Google review

Great spot for lunch or dinner. Dining directly next to the water with stunning views. It doesnt look like much from the road but it is worth a visit. Pizza was DELICIOUS!!! They make it with a sweet dough and we really loved it. Poisson Cru was also very good and came in a huge serving.

Chris Moore — Google review

Nice atmosphere and good piña coladas! The burger was okay, tuna sashimi was good. I would recommend arriving on the early side, by the time we left it was completely packed and the wait staff could not keep up with orders and tables.

K Bowen Stoakley — Google review

Marina du Moorea Yacht Club, Opunohu Bay, French Polynesia 87 32 61 45

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What is the best fish to eat in Tahiti? ›

Great choice of fresh fish and polynesian sea food

You will probably eat one of the best tuna (red/white), “mahi mahi” (dolphinfish, swordfish or thazard in your life. Grilled, chaud-froid, carpaccio, tartare, sashimi or sushi, are different ways to enjoy the fish that you will eat in our islands.

Is the food good in Tahiti? ›

Tahitian cuisine is a fantastic blend of Polynesian tradition with a French twist. In most dishes, you'll find yams, sweet potatoes, bananas and breadfruit.

Who goes to restaurants the most? ›

A 2022 survey revealed that the generations most likely to eat out once a week or more were Gen X and Baby Boomers. Meanwhile, a similar survey found that men ate out at restaurants more frequently than women.

What is the signature dish of Tahiti? ›

The emblematic dish of The Islands of Tahiti is poisson cru au lait de coco. You'll find it on almost every menu in the hotels, restaurants, foodtrucks and snack bars. Raw tuna fish is marinated in coconut milk with a zest of lime and served with fresh raw vegetables.

What is the most popular dish in Tahiti? ›

Fresh raw fish marinated in coconut milk, given a slight tang with a zest of lime juice, is the preferred dish of most Polynesians and considered to be the national dish of Tahiti. Poisson cru au lait de coco is served in nearly every restaurant, no matter what else is on the menu.

What should I be careful of in Tahiti? ›

Crime and Personal Safety

To stay safe while traveling in Tahiti, follow these tips: Stay in well-lit and populated areas, especially at night. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash or valuables, and use a money belt or other secure method to keep your belongings safe.

What do you wear to dinner in Tahiti? ›

Dressing on a Tahitian Trip

In even the best restaurants, the dress code is island casual. Sandals and espadrilles are acceptable everywhere, and men can leave their ties home. For women, sundresses or shorts are always suitable. Local residents really do wear pareos (sarongs) as everyday dress.

Do you tip waiters in Tahiti? ›

Tipping is not customary in the Islands of Tahiti and therefore not expected. It is left at your discretion for exemplary service.

Do older people eat out more? ›

While 38 percent of people aged between 45 to 64 said they eat out at restaurants once a week or more, just 18 percent of interviewees aged 18 to 29 stated the same. Furthermore, 19 percent of those aged 18 to 29 claimed they never eat out at restaurants.

What age eats out the most? ›

Millennials, aged 18-34, tend to eat out more frequently compared to other age groups. What percentage of food spending is allocated to eating out? On average, American households spend about 44% of their total food budget on eating out.

What age group eats the most? ›

On an average day in 2014–16, individuals age 65 and older spent about 20 percent more time eating and drinking as a primary activity than younger age groups—74.6 minutes per day versus an average of 62.1 minutes for those age 18–64.

What is the most popular fish in Tahiti? ›

Poisson cru, Tahitian raw fish with a French touch

With the popularization of sushi around the world in the last 25 years, tuna, or ahi tuna starts to be appreciated and more popular as a fresh fish, and not just in cans.

What is the yellow fish in Tahiti? ›

The Tahitian Yellow Hawkfish is one of few fish that sport this type of all yellow coloration. While not particularly expensive, they are incredibly hard to come by. They are an incredibly seasonal fish, so seasonal that some years we may not even see one specimen come in.

Is there ciguatera in Tahiti? ›

Ciguatera Poisoning (CP) is a seafood poisoning highly prevalent in French Polynesia. This illness results from the consumption of seafood contaminated with ciguatoxins (CTXs) produced by Gambierdiscus, a benthic dinoflagellate.

What fish are in French Polynesia? ›

Ovalentaria/miscPomacentridaeAbudefduf sordidus
Ovalentaria/miscPomacentridaeAbudefduf vaigiensis
ScombriformesScombridaeAcanthocybium solandri
AcanthuriformesAcanthuridaeAcanthurus achilles
46 more rows
Oct 24, 2019

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