Why Is My Ecobee Not Turning On The Heat? How To Fix (2023)

While also helping your family’s finances. Ecobee thermostats are always simple to operate. But sometimes they can cause problems.

People commonly report the issue of not turning on the heat. Thus, to understand why this happens, below are a few explanations on Why is Ecobee Not Turning on the Heat

My Ecobee Not Turning on the Heat: Quick Fix

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There are four potential causes for an Ecobee thermostat not switching on the heat as it ought to:

  • The thermostat’s heating level is adjusted less than the room temperature.
  • Certain thermostat adjustments may block the heat from coming on.
  • The furnace isn’t getting any electricity.
  • The furnace is very hot.
  • ecobee is not calibrated properly

If your Ecobee isn’t turning on Ac and heat, it means there’s an issue with the thermostat itself.

1. Change heat set point

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When Ecobee isn’t switching on the heat, the initial step one must perform is double-checking the temperature setpoint. This must be at maximum one degree warmer than the current indoor temperature.

The setpoint temperature would be presented in a section beneath the actual temperature. The thermostat display or the app could be used to adjust the heating setpoint.

To begin, ensure that the thermostat is adjusted to Warm or Automatic. Next, on the central monitor window, utilize the adjuster to raise or reduce the correct temperature.

2. The heat threshold settings, or the fan control

Customers have a lot of power on their thermostats with Ecobee. For instance, one could alter the lowest temperature gap among both the actual temp and the set point.

That is necessary to switch on the heater. One could set the supplemental warmth off when the external temperature hits a specified level.

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Just the Ecobee thermostat software could be used to change these temperature levels. It is not possible to execute it with the Ecobee application or website.

The instructions for modifying the heat threshold criteria are as follows:

  • Click “Settings” from the main menu.
  • Choose Setup Options.
  • Choose “Thresholds” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the options users would like to change.

Adjusting the heat threshold options might enable the heat to switch on.

When the heat would not switch, a few customers stated that turning their fan from the thermostat to the heater helped.

To adjust the fan settings, do these actions:

  • Go to the main menu;
  • Then select the settings and set up options, respectively;
  • Further, press on devices and then on the furnace;
  • Lastly, adjust the fan management in heat type and tap on HVAC;

3. Resetting the furnace power

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The Ecobee thermostat requires warmth from the furnace. Thus, there’ll be no heating when the furnace isn’t powered up. To check if power is restored, attempt to turn the furnace’s breaker.

If the furnace doesn’t switch on, you have to get it repaired by an expert. Many people have discovered that changing the breaker resolves their issue.

4. At the breaker box and cleaning your furnace

Because an overheating furnace might cause a fire. Furnaces are equipped with an automatic shut-off feature. The furnace might cut off when the temp within exceeds a hazardous limit.

The fan might remain on to assist in the cooling of the furnace. However, it would not distribute heat around the home until it reaches a suitable level.

One could prevent the furnace from overheating by doing the following:

  • Ensure the vents are free of obstructions. Nothing should be in front of them.
  • The air cleaner should be washed and changed regularly.
  • Each year, wash the furnace’s compressor fan and evaporator coil.
  • Throughout the winter, prevent operating the heater for extended periods.

Why Is My Thermostat Not Turning The Heat On?

Step 1: Check to see if the device is switched on and connected

One might not know that the heater (gas and electrical) has a power button. Ensure that the controller is switched on. Also, ensure the breaker that gives electricity to the heating unit is in the “On” condition within the electric board. Also, Check and fix the connection issues with your wifi.

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Step 2: Check the Thermostat

First of all, and foremost, ensure that the thermostat is adjusted to “Hot” or “Automatic.” Increase the temp to the hottest level if that does not begin the hot flow of air. Take a couple of mins to check if this turns on the furnace.

Apart from it, there could be other problems if your ecobee reboots when you turn on the heat.

What Do I Do If My Heat Isn’t Turning On?

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Step 1: Take a look at the thermostat

The initial step one should do when their heating unit doesn’t switch on is to examine the thermostat. The batteries in the thermostat might have died, causing the screen to go black.

Changing outdated manual thermostats with modern computerized or digital thermostats is a simple method to save expenses and make life easier. Thermostat issues are widespread and are generally inexpensive and simple to remedy.

Step 2: Ensure that the circuit breaker is in good working order.

When the thermostat is working properly, the second step is to check the circuit breaker. The heating device’s circuit must be marked. The heating unit should be isolated from the rest of the house.

Shut down the button on the heating unit when the breaker is broken. Restart the breaker, then switch on the electricity of the heating unit.

When the breaker is engaged repeatedly, you’ll have to get the heating unit fixed right away. You’ll have to perform further checking.

Step 3: Check to see if the heating unit is turned on

Somebody might have mistakenly turned the power button on the heating unit. Try to know when the heater is switched on. Check that the heating system is adjusted to warm instead of cold or automated in case users own one.

Step 4: Visually inspect the pilot lighting

When the pilot lighting on the furnace goes out, it would not switch on. This issue could be produced by defective or dirty pilot lighting or detector.

When users are unsure about relighting the pilot lighting on their own, then contact the specialists for help. We have experts available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for heating unit problems.

Step 5: The gas flow has been switched off

A flow of natural gas is required to start a heat process in a gas-powered furnace. Examine the supplying valves for gas.

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Ensure that it is switched on. The holder’s guide might include a picture of where to locate the gas-supplied valves. One could also get a picture of the furnace and the position of the gas-supplied valves on the company’s site.

When you’re unclear about what the gas supplying valve is and where it is located. Then, they offer a professional available to help customers 24 hours a day, 7 seven days a week.

Step 6: Swap out the filter

A filthy air filter restricts the flow of air. A blocked air filter is a simple issue to identify and repair. Switch off the electricity of the heating unit first. Find the housing for the air filtration.

The house door may require a screwdriver to remove. Remove the filter by pulling it out. When the filter is older than three months, it should be discarded. It will fix the issues with cooling too.

When a filter is just 1 or 2 months old and contains dust and dirt, it should be thrown out. In the chamber, place a fresh, cleaned filter. Ensure that the new filter is positioned correctly. Start the heating unit after shutting the house gate.

Step 7: Make sure the temp is adjusted correctly

When the outdoor temperature in the house exceeds the temperature, users put on the thermostat. Then, the heating unit would not begin the heat cycle.

Consider altering the temperature to check when the thermostat begins a heat cycle. A maintenance appointment is required when it doesn’t work.

Step 8: Test the Flame Detector

Make sure the flame detector is working. The furnace’s flame detector might be dirty due to a shortage of services. The furnace would not switch on when the flame detector is obstructed.

It is a security device that prevents the burning cycle from continuing if trash is in the chamber. The flame detector might be obscured by smoke, dirt, or grime. This is a basic repair procedure that can be completed quickly.

Step 9: Keep an eye out for ice or water

An improper refrigerant charge in a system would prevent the unit from rotating. A trained expert would check the refrigerant load throughout a regular service session.

It is not anything one should or could undertake on their own because chemical refrigerant is dangerous. Thus, it should only be tested and managed by specialists.

Step 10: Keep an ear out for Ringing

A capacitor is utilized in the blower of heating systems and gas furnaces. Changing the capacitor when it breaks is preferable, as a damaged capacitor might result in a costly heating system replacement.

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Why is my furnace not blowing out hot air?

The possible causes are:
• The thermostat’s batteries may be defective
• The thermostat’s fan modes might be changed from “on” to “auto.”
• The temp could be less.

What to do if your heat is not working?

One could try performing:
• Verify the power button of the furnace.
• Examine the Fuse Box of The Heater.
• Inspect the Thermostat’s Batteries
• Change the air filters.

Why is my electric heater not working?

Blown fuses are the main prevalent reason for an electronic heater not operating.

Final Talk

The Ecobee remains at the top among smart thermostat devices. It refers to offering various features and a simple interface at a cost. It is a wonderful option for somebody wishing to begin with or improve the smart house system as it has a long track record of reliability. They are believed to improve energy consumption. Moreover, allow users the power to manage the temp of the house utilizing their phones.

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Why is my ecobee not turning on my heat? ›

A tripped circuit

Check your breaker box to ensure that the circuit powering the furnace isn't tripped. If it is, turn it back on to restore power to the furnace and the ecobee should power back on.

How do you force ecobee to turn on heat? ›

Activating Heat Mode

On your thermostat's home screen, click the ''Off'' icon. It's above the bigger middle number indicating current room temperature and the smaller number measuring the humidity level. Choose ''Heat'' mode.

Why is my furnace not turning on with the thermostat? ›

If your furnace isn't turning on, the thermostat may have lost its programming or reset. It may even simply be set on the wrong setting. For test purposes, set your thermostat about 10 degrees hotter than the current temperature to see if the system turns on. Also, double check to make sure it's set to “HEAT.”

Should my ecobee be on auto or heat? ›

In Auto mode, the thermostat will engage both your heating or cooling as necessary. This mode is most useful if you live in a region where the temperature fluctuates regularly or you're in the middle of a season change and you may need both heating and cooling at different times during the day.

Why is my ecobee blowing cold air when heat is on? ›

Check Your ecobee Wiring

As smart as your ecobee is, if you've got the wrong wiring, your hot air settings could blow cold air instead. The best way to ensure that your ecobee is wired properly is to make sure a professional handles the job.

How do I know if my ecobee is running heat? ›

An icon on the main screen indicates which system mode your thermostat is in. A snowflake indicates “Cool” and a flame indicates “Heat”. When the equipment is running, the corresponding icon will be colored.

Does ecobee work with heat only? ›

ecobee thermostats are compatible with most 24-volt residential heating and cooling systems in North America, including gas, oil, electric, and dual-fuel systems.

Why is my heat not working? ›

A lack of maintenance is often the #1 cause of a heater that doesn't work. Most of the time, the issue is simply a dirty furnace. This is why it's important to schedule regular maintenance on your furnace and other appliances. The fix: Call your local heating technicians.

Why is my electric heater not turning on? ›

CAUSE: In most cases of electric heater not working, the problem comes out to be with the thermostat. It could either be stuck, gone loose or may have become faulty. SOLUTION: Check the thermostat and see which level it is set at.

Why is my ecobee not turning on equipment? ›

A dirty dry pan or drain line and problems with the thermostat wiring could be the reasons why Ecobee won't turn on AC. Dirt can form in the drain pan over time resulting in water condensation buildup.

How do I know if my Ecobee thermostat is bad? ›

Common symptoms include:
  1. The thermostat screen will "shut off" or the screen will go completely black intermittently, usually while the thermostat is calling for heat.
  2. The furnace will still appear to be "powered on" but the blower fan will continually run.

Why is my ecobee temperature sensor not working? ›

A sensor could lose connection from your ecobee thermostat if: The battery is low. It's too far from your ecobee (more than 45 feet). There's interference from environmental factors (walls, or other devices broadcasting on the same 915MHz frequency, such as a baby monitor, cordless phone, etc.)


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